what you need to know about the law of attraction that everybody is missing.

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What is it I hear you ask? 

What’s the missing piece? 

What is everybody missing?

Well I would say two things 

Releasing and going. 

You see when it comes to the law of attraction you need to forget about ask, believe, receive because that is just scratching the surface. 

I mean watch this if you don’t believe me. 

Bob Doyle from the secret even supports the fact that well stuff and essential stuff was missing from the secret. 

The secret made out you could just ask it, believe it is coming and well next thing you know it’s being delivered to your door like you have just delivered your desire off amazon. 

The law of attraction even gets compared to a catalog, 

Well if that was true I’m sure we would all be billionaires by now. 

So is it a hoax? 

A marketing gimmick to lure the gullible to buy more books? 

And if that was true why is there so much success. 

The secret website blows up each day with a success story after success story. 

Quantum physicists such as Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton put their reputations on the line by supporting the law. 

Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Daniel Washington, Steve Harvey, Lady Gaga and loads more openly support the law while having no books to sell. 

So what’s the score? 

How does this law really work?

The best book on the subject ive read is think and grow rich. 

He says to be successful to be abundant, to be rich you need:

  • The right mindset 
  • A solid plan 
  • Knowledge on seeing that plan to the end 
  • A group of people to help you 

The law of attraction comes down to so much more than asking, believing and expecting a knock at the door!  

Its all about knowing the end result as Karl Moore says intention drives direction, believing and trusting you will obtain that end result while taking massive action to reach whatever goal you set your self. 

The most successful people know what they want, and they know they will get it and they just go out and get it! 

They don’t rely on the universe they just do what feels right to them. 

And their subconscious mind guides them down the path. 

But here is the rub 

The subconscious mind needs to be reprogrammed the certain way, 

There is a reason why children from wealthy backgrounds end up succeeding more than those from poor backgrounds. 

There programming about success is a lot different.

Once you have set the programming in the subconscious mind 

Then all you need to do Is the take action that feels right. 

From your imagination ( and I know at this point I am talking like Napoleon Hill)

You will start to get ideas, inspiration and action steps. 

It all starts with the programming: 

The secret to success is to feel successful, consistently.

So on to how to program the subconscious mind. 

Well, first there are mp3’s that do all the work for you and they’re free.

Well, the first ones free…. 

Personally, I get the paid ones, I mean I want results! 

So anyway I recommend two types of mp3 tracks 

  • Hypnosis 
  • Subliminal messaging. 


Hypnosis has got a kind of a bad rep. But one thing they all agree it works! In the UK where I’m from, they even have it on the NHS (our health service)  it is where you just relax deeply. 

They call this a ‘trance state’ and then you just listen to the voice as they guide you on a journey, they use affirmations, stories, and imagery to reprogramme the subconscious for success. 

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Subliminal messaging 

Subliminal messaging is where you listen to a soundtrack (usually with nature sounds) and there is an inaudible affirmations that goes straight to the subconscious mind. 

You can’t actively hear them but your subconscious mind can and if you hear these sounds long enough lasting effects occur.

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And finally, there is my very own manifesting worksheet. 

This is how it works.

step one: you simply download it below and print it out

step two: you fill it in

step three: you read every morning when you wake up and every evening as you are about to fall asleep.

step four: after 30 days, things start happening!

don’t believe me, try it yourself below.

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