What I learned when I used the law of attraction on my blog.

After months of trial and error,

After putting off the law of attraction as another hoax,

I figured it out,

I knew how the law of attraction worked,

And as it turned out,

It’s a lot like stacking dominoes

You know when you stack dominos next to each other,

and you knock over the first, the first knocks over the second and the second knocks the third until the domino at the other end knocks over?

Well, it’s like that,

Looking at this logically, you can see that the first domino knocked over the last domino..

just not directly.

And this is how thoughts create our reality.

Let’s apply this to LOA

Imagine the first domino is the first thought and the last domino is your desire,

You can see that without the other domino that are placed in the middle, the first domino can’t knock over the last domino without the middle dominos.

So if a single thought is the first domino and the last domino is the desire, what about the middle dominos?

The middle dominos are decisions and guided actions.

‘’ a vision is nothing without total devotion and dedication’’

A cool quote I thought of.

It was 1 am.

When an idea struck me, a blog about mind power that people would relate to.

It was from there that I made a decision to start my blog, and it all started from my imagination.

I had no idea how to get traffic, but I took the first step. The first site was called subconscious creation.  Now creation by thought (it sounds better ) Where I wanted to make the focus on using the subconscious mind to reach any goal.

My first post was titled the experiment you can read it below if you want

read the experiment here

the experiment was simple

‘I am going to run an experiment to see if I can run a blog that gets 10,000 readers a month, that’s right 10,000.  I am going to share what subconscious hacks I am doing to attract this as my reality to see if there is something to the law of attraction. wish me luck…….’

Looking back it took weeks and months of trial and error,

mainly because my subconscious mind was working against me.

In fact, I was visualizing my success, but nothing happened,

I realized I wasn’t expecting a result…

I simply believed I could not grow this blog.

so I did a bit of research, I read my books and I came up with a simple formula.

  • visualize the end goal
  • expect the end goal
  • cast away all doubt
  • remove attachment to the desire ( the wanting and needing the desire)
  • take action each day.

Once I used this formula.

I started to get results!

Initially, I started to share my posts on Facebook, in the groups I was a part of. I started to visualize my success over and over until it became an obsession. 

this is what Napoleon Hill calls, a burning desire.

As a result.

I started to form new ideas such as joining a mastermind group on blogging.

I joined various ones but none provided the community I wanted to join, out of nowhere I wanted to build a mastermind group from slack. (a team communication platform)

So I went to Facebook to try and recruit people, it didn’t really work

So I went to Pinterest (guided action) to look at what other bloggers were doing,

There were all raving about this elite blogging academy that opened once every blue moon.

So I decided to wait it out, keep blogging, keep visualizing, keep trying,

Fast forward a few weeks, and I got an email ‘ elite blogging academy is open for the next 48 hours’

I was excited, but it was expensive I needed to do some digging and fast.

Turns out it’s not the only ‘holy grail’ as others proclaim, as others were recommending another billionaire blogging club.

now dare to conquer.

I saw the sales video, and I couldn’t believe it,

They used slack,

They were using the membership site I was visualizing

before I knew it existed.

I joined and in just 2 months, I reached my goal of 10,000 visitors a month!

It all started from that first thought, that first decision, and the first action.

As you can see by my story, I had the thought, I visualized success and I was guided with other thoughts on the actions to take until I reached my goal.

I had no idea on how I would first achieve my goal. But with the law of attraction, my subconscious mind guided me on the outcome.

That first domino was the thought of starting a blog,

The other dominos?

The guided actions.

The last domino was 10,000 visitors.

I made the law of attraction work for me, by the desire in my mind and visualizing it, I told my subconscious mind wanted I wanted and from there, I took the relevant action.

now I want to offer the same results for you,

below I have a free hypnosis track that will help reprogram your subconscious mind to allow the law of attraction to work in your life.

grab your free law of attraction booster mp3 here.

The important part you need to take away from this post is to,

Trust yourself

Believe in yourself

Take action

And miracles will happen.

And like me, you too will be guided to success.

As well as using this post I would highly recommend watching the video below where life coach paul Thomas will show hidden tactics to make the law of attraction work for you.

simply watch the video below.

Watch this video