The truth about receiving your desire

You know what they say, 

The law of attraction is a catalog and you can just order what you want. 

If you have enough faith. 

Even Though I have manifested before I just don’t buy that you can get what you want just by wishing and expecting to receive it. 

Almost as if it’s coming in the post. 

Rather I think the law of attraction works through the action we take. 

You see the law of attraction comes down to conditioning the subconscious mind, that part of you that runs 95% of your life. 

This is why affirmations and visualizations work so well, they condition the subconscious mind to focus on your goal, 

And from there it begins to guide you through action steps to take to reach your goal. 

I mentioned in this post how I made the law of attraction on my blog

I mentioned how I set out the intention and then I took action anyway, I found that the more action I took the more inspiration I got and the more that inspiration guided me on the path. 

The first step to manifesting is to identify what you want and get crystal clear on what it is that you want to manifest. 

Start to visualise every aspect, and use emotion to feel like you already have it. 

From this, you begin to condition the subconscious mind. 

Have an action Journal

Once you have done this I highly recommend getting a journal and write at the top of each page 

‘ what can I do today to bring me closer to my goal’

Each day spend 20 minutes focusing on your goal, feeling like you have already achieved it. 

Then open the notebook and fill in what you can do that day. 

Then take action and tick off when you have achieved that objective. 

Then using a second journal or evernote at the end of each week,

measure your progress, document your wins, what went well and what you want to focus on in the weeks ahead. 

This is what high achievers do they keep their eye on the ball and move towards that goal each day. 

Use intention

The key to knowing each step is to confirm that do you know the answer and that you have received.

From this inspiration will come. 

But unlike the secret where you leave it all the universe, You need to grab life by the horns and confirm to yourself I will make this work, I will have the money, the relationship the dream career in my life. 


The only way to receive is to take action. 

And deep down the LOA gurus knows this otherwise they wouldn’t have taken all that action writing books, creating programs etc

They know the golden rule

The only way to receive is to take action.

Looking at my own success I feel that without listening to my intuition by setting the intention 

I wouldn’t have the success with this blog.

as it’s important to realise that there are two types of action 

Normal action vs inspired action 

Normal Action is when you take action and hope it prays out,

but if you don’t believe you won’t achieve your goal then sooner or later your motivation is going to drop and sooner or later you will start to give up.

If your actions are not getting the results that you want. 

It all comes down to belief. 

When you believe you can do it and you set that intention that you will achieve that goal, your subconscious mind gets to work and from there inspiration comes, 

or put another way 

inspired action. 

It is important that as well as taking action, you truly believe that what you want to manifest will come into your life. 

How do you do that? 

It comes down to making a decision that you will make it work. 

Declaire to yourself,

Yes I will make this work

In order to make the inspired action work for you

You need to first identify what you want, focus on achieving your goal, 

Condition the subconscious mind to give you inspiration by frequently visualising your goal and feeling like you already have it. 

Grab a journal and title each page ‘ what can I do today to bring me closer to my goal’ 

And write down anything that comes to mind whether it be to read a book, develop a plan or take action on that plan. 

And take action every day. 

Every week measure your progress 

Have faith and belief that the way will be shown to you and before long you will be guided to success.

Myself, I implement this daily. 

I Follow the no B.S manifesting program, where I listen to a live ten-minute recording that is designed to get in that peak state of mind,

It allows me to focus on what I want to manifest, I then feel like I already have it, I then release limiting beliefs and attachment and then I write in my journal. 

I then take action, no matter how small 

At night I listen to a hypnosis guide that condition my subconscious mind to manifest, strengthening my belief. 

If your struggling to manifest, I highly recommend these recordings

I got mine for just $27 

Which I feel is a great aid to put you in that manifesting mindset, so you can accomplish a lot more. 

>>> you can check out the manifesting course here

But other than, have belief and faith and take action every day. 

And remember the golden rule 

The only way to receive is to take action. 

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