The no B.S guide to manifesting- my review and thoughts on the program. 

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The truth about manifesting. 


Forget everything you have heard about the law of attraction. 

Forget the universe the vibes and all that jazz. has condensed it down into five easy manageable steps.

No more searching for the great secret in books, no more hoping or wishing. 

Manifesting is easy if you know what you’re doing. 

It all comes down to five easy steps 

Focus on what you want, 

Feel like you already have it. 

Release attachment 

Feel gratitude and love for your life now

Plan your next steps and GO! makes it so easy to follow in there all in one program 

So what do you get? 

Short answer? A tonne, seriously check out the video above to see what is that you get. 

A PDF guide like to no other, and I mean no other! It will enrage the law of attraction community!

Based on solid fact, research and science and when I say science I mean psychology. 

You see manifesting comes down to conditioning the subconscious mind, not the universe. 

You tell the subconscious mind what is that you want through visualization + emotion + repetition. 

You then let go of all attachment and then you appreciate life as it is! 

Then finally you go! 

You plan your next steps and you implement, no more waiting, no more wishing.  is all about priming your mind for maximum performance and then taking action. 

It’s the same steps that athletes use. They visualize the outcome, the feel what it would feel like to win, they release all attachments, they don’t hope they appreciate how far they have come and then they train, train and then they win! 

manifesting .com is by no way a spiritual course. 

In fact, it might even offend those, because it debunks a lot of theories, including those preached by the secret!

Once you have your eyes opened after reading the guide, the comes the listen along. 

You simply download on your phone, listen in the morning and whenever you need a little pick me up. it lasts just ten minutes.  

It walks you through the five steps and just makes it easier than trying to do it on your own. 

It basically puts you in a peak state of mind. 

You also have the new manifesting movie. 

I would describe it as more science, more practical and less Hollywood. 

>>> You can watch it for free here 

You also have a law of attraction hypnosis to put the whole thing on autopilot ( in the bonuses you have five more) 

You also have audio interviews and videos all covering the 5 step method. 

Basically with this your set! and I don’t say that lightly for the price ($27) it is brilliant. 


  • It’s cheap – $27 – the last course you will need 
  • Comes with a guide explaining the concrete science behind manifesting 
  • Comes with a listen along – 10-minute audio that you can listen to each day or whenever you need a pick me up 
  • Comes with a range of hypnosis programs – to condition the subconscious mind
  • Has its own movie – a full 30-minute movie 
  • Has its own songs! How many courses can say they have their own songs, listen free on Spotify just search inspire3 
  • All in one – everything you need to manifest beats all the LOA books out of the park. 


  • The movie is a bit short – Yeah the movie is a bit short I also wish it had interviews with psychologists and scientists etc, 
  • The guide is a bit out there – Don’t expect that warm fuzzy feeling that the universe will look after you. 
  • NOT spiritual – does not delve into spiritual practices its very practical.
  • Requires action – focuses on taking action to get the results you want. 

Why you need this course 

There is taking action and then there is taking inspired action. 

Putting your mind in a peak performance state is essential for success because you are conditioning your subconscious mind to thinks of ways of getting you closer to your goal. 

It is in this state that your subconscious will start passing down ideas that you can implement and get closer to your goal. 

The add-ons 

There are also addons to the program should you wish to get the full benefit, they do cost extra ( none are needed to make it work) it’s just if you want help in a specific area

I.e better family life, attract a loving partner, create a best seller and so. 

The first addon is a number of listen-along audios, geared towards a specific area. Great if want to manifest a specific thing like wealth or a loving partner or a new car. 

Mega money full AV experience

This is a 20 minute visual and audio guide designed to tune to your mind to receiving wealth, I think it’s great for those who have a business, who are in sales or who want to make more money. 

It goes through the same five-step process, It just lasts longer, after the experience you do genuinely feel like a millionaire. (when you have been visualizing and feeling what it is like for twenty minutes you will too)  It also shows you how to get rid of money blocks and amplifies your gratitude for the here and now. 

Of course, you can’t listen to it once and expect results, you have to watch it daily, it beats watching the morning news! 

My verdict 


For me, I like the science I am very logical I need to know why it works, and this provides just that. It focuses on the subconscious mind which I focus on in this blog.

The manifesting course focuses on putting you In peak performance to manifest what you want. You can’t listen to the audio and expect money or endless dates.

The last step is GO! 

Plan your next steps and implement. 

Rather the program is designed to put you in peak performance where those ideas will start to flow. 

To learn more about this program, you can watch the video below. 

Watch the video below.