The illusion

So let’s talk about the illusion. If you have read the about me page you see I mention that I will tell you about the illusion of life. So this is the illusion…..

You look at your life, your state of affairs, your results. You look at what you have got and what you haven’t got and you use that as a feedback mechanism to tell you about your reality.

You make assumptions on the world based upon what results you get. The assumptions turn into subconscious beliefs and then you go through life seeing evidence of your beliefs until you are convinced that this is who you are, as nothing has changed in the past.

You’re using your beliefs to confirm your identity and your story. And why wouldn’t you? The evidence to support your beliefs is all around you. Been unemployed for 3 years?

Obviously getting a job is extremely difficult and your unemployable I mean look at the evidence, right?  Stuck at a low salary and just getting by? Clearly, it’s difficult to get a good job because the evidence says it is. It’s the same with relationships, always end up in a bad relationship? Well you know what they say, ladies, a good man is hard to find!

This is what we all do, we look at the evidence and use it to create our beliefs.

This is what I like to call the illusion of life.

It’s your beliefs that create your reality, you see whatever you believe about the world shows up! we have a tool in our subconscious mind called the reticular activation system. What this does is filter all the data that your brain receives so you get only the important stuff.

It basically filters in stuff that you focus on because it deems that important. Now, this is a survival mechanism, we didn’t always wish for cars and 7 figure mansions. Back when we first started out, in the caveman days we used to get hungry, so we would focus on food and the RAS would get to work. It would filter out anything until it found food, shelter anything the caveman wanted.

But we can still use the RAS today! Focus on the color yellow. I can pretty much guarantee you will see yellow today. It’s when you want a specific car, or you just bought one and you see it everywhere!  I did it once for the North Face brand and suddenly everyone was wearing it!. Try it out pick a brand of clothing and focus on it and you will see it.

What you focus on expands.

So every day we go out with one mission! confirm my beliefs. Now, consciously you want a better job I want to be rich! But you see evidence of you not been rich! look at your bank balance, your job, your apartment its all evidence to support your beliefs.

But when you look at your state of affairs and instead of using it to confirm your beliefs, but instead see it for what it really is, an illusion!

It’s just a filter set by the subconscious mind.

If you want to use the law of attraction, then you need to see the illusion for what it is, an illusion.

Starting thinking of who you want to become,  write down the characteristics and become that person mentally, create the thoughts of that person you want to become, feel the thoughts of the person you want to become. The language your subconscious understands is emotion.

It can’t see the world around us it’s just the conscious mind. It’s like a blind man is creating your life based on what you’re telling him is true!  ‘ I’m really poor I’m stuck in a job I hate, nothing ever goes well for me and I’ve got bills to pay’ the blind man replies ‘ ok’  and would you behold, evidence appears of your beliefs.

Start to guide the blind man to prosperity!  ‘I truly believe I’m rich’ ‘ i mean look, I get money every month’ ‘ and I easily find ways to make more money as well’

when you start thinking of these thoughts every day with emotion. They start turning into beliefs and then the subconscious mind shows you evidence of these beliefs. It’s like you stepped into a new reality.

Remember that life is an illusion based upon the beliefs that you hold about life. Change your thoughts, change your beliefs and change your reality!

Talk soon


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