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Do you know why you are struggling with the law of attraction?

In this post, I will show you why and how you can manifest much easier,

Your struggle with the law of attraction comes down to one thing.


When your asking, you’re proclaiming that you don’t have it because you’re asking for it.

Because you’re saying you don’t have it, You place too much importance on your desire, emphasizing those feelings of lack and because you’re focusing on lack, this creates resistance to your desire.

As a result,

You get more lack.

Asking for your desires in a place of wanting, Creates more resistance, and the more you want it, the more resistance you create. Stopping that desire coming to you.

So how do you remove resistance?

You see, manifesting and the law of attraction, in general, should be a smooth and simple process.

You simply ask, believe and receive

well not quite,

this video exposes the lie.

we think the law of attraction is too simple

We think we can’t have it.

And because we think that, we create resistance.

You see the law of attraction comes down to a simple truth that we are our thoughts.

We become our thoughts.

Our thoughts create our feelings. They guide our actions and decisions and so if you thinking negatively then you will experience negativity.

To overcome this you want to live in the moment.

You see our present emotion, that we feel in the moment is what creates our life.

In every moment you are creating your life,

So if you’re asking and intending your desire to come to you, but then the rest of your day you’re still wishing you had it.

Praying you had it then in that present moment you are attracting more lack.

It’s like,

7% of your day you visualize and think positively

But then

93% of the day, your thinking and feeling lack, because you do not yet have your desire.

In the book called the power by Rhonda Bryne, she talks about the tipping point, where if you focus on what want more than 50% of the time, then you tip the scales and you start attracting what you want into your life.

So how do you tip the scales?

You have to live in the moment.

This is what I do, I first follow the guided visualizations exercises by and then at night listen to the law of attraction hypnosis by Hypnosis Bootcamp. 

These exercises even though they weren’t free, help me practice the law of attraction ten times easier. As in the morning I focus on what I want, I match the vibrational frequency, I then release it and practice gratitude while taking daily action to get to where I want to to go.

Then I listen to hypnosis Bootcamp in the evening to condition my subconscious mind to let go of limiting beliefs and simply let go of wanting it.

And then the rest of the day. I live in the moment.

I don’t ask for my desires, I simply focus on my present emotion

As I know that, this is the emotional compass, that lets me know If I am on track or not.

Abraham Hicks talks about rockets of desire, and that we automatically give off these rockets of desire all day and all we need to do to manifest is to stick to our emotional compass,

That guides us to our desires.

In the moment I appreciate what I have and get into a place of knowing that I am going to get everything I am reading by appreciation.

The important thing is I am not asking, I am just getting into a place of raising my present emotion as I go throughout the day.

Because then I know I am on track to my desire.

When you catch yourself thinking negatively you want to bring your attention to the present moment by focusing on your breathing.

This brings you back into the present.

Another thing I have tried is holding my breath. This brings my awareness to the present,

And then I appreciate my life at the moment and appreciate the things to come.

I’m no longer in a place of wanting.

Because I live in the moment.

Don’t take my word for it.

Try it.

Have a happiness scale.

Every day rate your happiness from 1-10

5 will be your tipping point.

Being in the present gets rid of any resistance, you no longer live in the regret of the past or wanting in the future,

Your focusing on the now,

And that is where your power is,

In the present.

But as well as living in the present moment, you want to remove abundance blocks (your limiting beliefs) that keep your awareness elsewhere but the present!

Once you remove your abundance blocks and install new powerful beliefs,

It makes living in the present so much easier because then you have the self-belief that you can accomplish anything.

Again and hypnosis Bootcamp will help with this. 

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