why every blogger needs a life journal to make there blog a success.

Imagine waking up in the morning, the feeling of excitement comes over you, you feel motivated to take action and life feels incredible.

You go throughout the day feeling alive. You feel empowered to make a change. Your optimistic and resourceful, every day feels like a thrilling adventure. Your happy, confident, you have a clear aim in life, a goal to reach.

When you have clear goals, clear expectations, you know what you want and work towards it every single day.

Life doesn’t feel like a constant chore instead you see life as fun and exhilarating. Because you know what you want and you know you will get it.

It all starts from knowing what you want, believing you will achieve your goals, and taking action to reach your goals.

In this post, I want to share why every blogger should have a life journal. It is a simple notepad where you write everything you want in life.

You put down your dreams, your goals, and aspirations. Whether its blogging or something else.  When doing your life journal there are four steps that you need to do to make your dreams your reality:

  • Define your blogging goals
  • make your goals measurable
  • Motivate yourself with your why’s
  • Visualize and get in emotional sync with your desires

Define your blogging goals

The first thing that you need to do is to define what you want to achieve with your blog. Do you want to make more money? travel more? have more freedom in your life?  what are your reasons to blog in the first place? if it’s for fun, that’s okay, but is there an entrepreneurial side of you too? 

get specific on the amount of money that you want to make? what blog topics you want to write about? what are your readers like? what tribe do you want to build? what products do you want to build? what change do you want to make?

make your goal measurable 

Now you have defined your goal, The next step is to make your goal measurable.

Think of what would happen when you achieve that goal, will you have more money? a new job? a new house? a new car?

When you write down your new goal you got to make sure it is believable to you. Make it relevant to what you want to achieve and write down a timeframe of when you think of can reach that goal.

A deadline is important before Jim Carrey got famous, he had a goal to make $10,000,000 he gave himself three years to do. Three years later he made $10,000,000 with his hit film dumb and dumber.

Having a crystal clear goal with a deadline is important for your success.

To create your goal I highly recommend goals on track alongside your life journal so that you make specific goals and then break them down into sub-goals so that you working towards your goals every day.

Remember goals are only achieved with consistent action.

Define why you want to achieve that goal

As I mentioned in a previous post your why’s are your motivation your fuel to keep going. On each goal, you need to define why you want it.

Write down why you want it and what that goal means to you. Write down all the advantages and how much of an impact this desire has on you.

Write your goals down on each page and write down underneath the positive effect this goal will have on your life.

Visualize and get in emotional sync with your desires

Every day visualize having your goals, I highly recommend having a vision board, goals on track is great for this as Bob Proctor says when you visualize you materialize.

You want to feel as if you already have your desire. As this is the language your subconscious mind understands.

Napoleon Hill talks about having a burning desire, faith and auto-suggestion.

He says that you need to constantly think of your desire as if you already have it, your subconscious mind will start to give you plans and ideas to make that goal become a reality.

I can testify that I will often get ideas and when I truly believe that I will achieve my goals. To learn more about how to use visualizing check out my post how to manifest in 7 steps.

When you get inspired action write it down in your life journal- title the section ‘how I  make my blog a success’ and write down ideas and inspiration that come to you. A notepad with different sections will work best.

So that is it for this post, a life journal is great and really fun to do, just think of what you want to turn them into actionable goals.

Use your why’s to motivate you, take consistent action and before you know it your blogging dreams will become your reality!

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