10 Ways to Change Your Vibe and Feel Happier

If you're feeling a bit down and in need of a pick-me-up, here are ten ways to change your vibe and feel happier almost right away and without any need for artificial stimulants or medications!

If you're anything like me, you will know how hard it is to stay happy all the time, sure you know that the key to attracting anything into your life is keeping positive so that you keep giving off those positive vibes.

But what happens when you're just feeling well, down?

Well, fear not because today I've written down ten things I do to stay positive, change my vibe and keep attracting what I want.

10 ways to change your vibe and feel happierHave a read, try out these exercises for yourself and notice the change within yourself, because you literally create your own reality as you go.

So let's get into it, with number one:

Smile more

So first is smile more. I'm sure you have heard the expression that when you smile the whole world smiles back, where did that come from?

Well, when you smile you are releasing the feel-good chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy and knowing what we know about vibration, Your on a more positive vibe and so you will attract more positive events, circumstances, and people.

Plus when you smile at other people, it's contagious other people will smile and you will make them feel good! Try it now, smile, how do you feel?

I bet you feel happier right now. When you do this simple exercise you are changing your physiology and because your mind and body are connected, your brain corresponds to your "smile" muscles that are being used and starts to respond by giving you that corresponding emotion.

This kind of ties in with how everybody uses the law of attraction to attract happy people and happy situations around them.

Find Something to Appreciate

When I smile I find something to appreciate In my life. I find it takes the focus away from what is bothering me into something that makes me happy, It works wonders!

Think, what did you last achieve in your life? Ask yourself that question and think of the first thing that pops into your head. And appreciate having that.

It's these little tweaks that make all the difference from being in a bad mood to feeling more content in your life.

It is this feeling of being content with your life that stops you from resisting what you want to come into your life.

Remember, subconsciously you already know what you want in your life. And so when you learn to let go and just appreciate life for how it is you start allowing more good to come into your life.

Observe Your Thoughts

If there is one main culprit for your negative feelings then it is your thoughts. Sure you may argue that it's the events in your life that put a downer on things.

But I've learned that it is our perspective of what those things mean to use that makes us miserable. It's our thoughts on the events that have happened to us in the past that determines our mood.

So what is about a thought that determines our mood?

It is our ability to listen to them. You see when you listen to your thoughts you will start to feel the corresponding emotion. But when you become detached from your thoughts you start to not be affected by them and you start to feel inner happiness.

To become detached from your thoughts you just need to observe them.

Simply find a quiet place, close your eyes and stay present in the present moment. Put all your attention on the present moment. When a thought comes, stay detached and just observe the thoughts and watch them go.

After a while, the thoughts will become less frequent and you will start to find inner peace.

When you find yourself feeling depressed.

Tune in and listen to what thoughts are playing in your head with this technique as you begin to observe your thoughts and lose emotional attachment the negative thoughts will diminish and you will start to feel happier and be on a more positive vibe.

Do Something Fun

This may seem obvious, but when do you do things that please you?

Do you tend to do things to please other people?

When your feeling stressed or down make some time to spend with yourself and do something that you feel like doing.

Read a book you enjoy, watch your favorite tv show or make your favorite meal.

Simply do something that you enjoy that takes the edge off of your day. This little process of finding something for you each day is such a good way to help you feel better about yourself and raise your vibe.

Reminisce on the Good Times!

Contrary to common belief that states that you shouldn't focus on the past.

I'm here to say reminisce about the good times!

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), you can create what is known as an anchor.

To anchor those good feelings so that you can go back to them when you want to be in that past state of mind. So let's create a "happy" anchor. Simply go back to a time when you was happy.

Where were you? Who were you with? How did you feel? Go back there now.

Make the pictures brighter and clearer. If you see yourself float into your body and re-experience what it was that make you happy.

Take special note of the feelings. And push your thumb and your first finger together. Like your doing an Okay sign.

What your doing is anchoring in the good times. Later on make the okay sign again and go back to that memory and feeling. With this technique, you can relieve that past emotion and be happy instantaneous.

Ask Yourself Questions

Asking ourselves questions have a powerful effect on our lives.

There reshape our focus and can either make us feeling positive or negative. You may find yourself asking questions all day long such as why does nothing good ever happen to me?

Or why am I bad at everything? What happens?

You start focusing on the bad and the negative and before you know it you're on a negative vibe and life throws one more thing at you to make you even more miserable.

How can you change this around?

Ask more positive questions!

It is questions like these that change your focus, your outlook and your emotion.

Use Music

This is a very common one I do. And it may be obvious but when you're feeling down but on some upbeat music. Music has a strange way of changing how we feel.

Music is even used in therapy. if you are feeling stressed relaxing meditation music will help relax you especially if you concentrate on your breathing at the same time.

If you are feeling sad put on some uplifting music that will help you feel good. You can even use music as an anchor.

Pick a favorite song, play it, pick a happy memory and like I discussed before, experience what it felt like at that happy time and train yourself to feel that happy emotion when that song is playing.

Exercise More

I know that dreaded word we all hate to hear, but when I say this I don't mean to exhaust yourself at the gym.

But having a light workout for around 30 to 40 minutes releases serotonin and dopamine that make you feel better if not great. Another great way of exercising is just walking.

Have a walk in nature, visit the countryside and put on relaxing music, this will make you calmer and feel more relaxed.


Another way I highly recommend is journaling.

Write down what your feeling, why you're feeling it and then write down what you want, why you want and why you deserve it then finally be grateful for already having it.

In this exercise your writing down exactly how you feel, why your feeling it which can expose some limiting beliefs about yourself. You're then changing your focus by writing down what it is that you want and declaring why you deserve it which counteracts that limiting belief.

You are then raising your vibration by being actively grateful for already having what you want,

For example, let's say you're annoyed because someone doesn't appreciate you.

You write down how they make you feel, why you feel this way. You then state what you want, i.e to be more appreciated and then why you deserve to be appreciated.

You should then be grateful for that person acknowledging those attributes. With the law of attraction if you are truly grateful they will start subconsciously be more appreciated towards you.

You could even start writing a dedicated gratitude journal to keep tabs on how many things you have to be grateful for each day!

Plan Something Really Fun

Give yourself something to be excited about! The final one on my list is to plan something that makes you feels excited so that you have something to look forward to.

Go and book that holiday or have a night out with friends or plan that that date with your spouse.

Plan something that you can look forward so that when you are drifting to your thoughts you will naturally think of something to look forward to.

Summing Up

So that it is for this list, I hope you enjoyed my list just remember to smile more, appreciate more, write, plan, have fun and reminisce in the good times!


Posted on February 18, 2022 in Personal Development