My top 4 strategies to feel motivated to achieve your blogging goals.

It’s great starting a blog, staying motivated to make post after post until you are successful on the over hand is a different ball game, just how do you get motivated to follow through each day and do what needs to be done?

Its a great feeling at the end of the day when you know you have been productive, you feel you have at least accomplished something at the end of the day. 

it feels even better when the paychecks start to come through!

But what about the other days when you feel sluggish? and all you to do is sit and binge Netflix, how do you get out of that funk? So that you can actually get more done?

In this post, I’m going to break down how to actually feel motivated so that you get more done and actually reach those pressing goals that you set yourself. There are 4 things that you need to do to get out that funk and take more action.  

Make your overall goal emotional.

You need to set a blogging goal that you feel emotionally compelled to achieve, you need to set a goal that will get you up in the morning and excite you.

Think, why do you want to live the blogging lifestyle, is to make more money?, why do you want more money? is to travel more, provide more or give your family a better life.

I’m going to go with the latter, your new goal, in this case, would be to give your family a better life.

Its got to be emotionally, money, isn’t emotional its a means to an end. Think of the end, why do you want, why is it you’re wanting it?

Okay so you have your big emotional goal

to give your family a better life.

Now you can think of goals that will help you achieve the big goal such as,

  • make $10k a month blogging
  • create a product
  • Hustling more to get your business or endeavor off the ground,
  • Up-leveling your marketing skills so that you can attract more readers and customers.

You are much more likely to follow through with the other goals because you know why you want to accomplish them.

Now you need to become obsessed with your overall goal, visualize your family been happy, imagine all the things that you can do now you have achieved your other goals.

Write about what you can now do and read about it often. You want to write down all the effects this goal has on your life. Such as

  • Children are happier
  • marriage/relationship is better
  • Live in more comfort
  • You all feel happier
  • Children’s future is secured.

As you can see, knowing these effects of your overall goal will help motivate you to achieve your goals.

Record your wins

The little things can motivate you to push you that little bit harder to take more action and get better results.

A little thing you can do is record your wins, every day think of what you did throughout the day that makes a small difference to you.

For me, it is to create this blog post that has the potential to inspire and motivate people to achieve their goals.

It can be anything from getting up in the morning that little bit earlier to do your daily workout.

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to record every little win in goals on track and read over what I have accomplished the past week.

Keep your self-accountable

Journaling is a great way, to keep focused on what you have done and what needs doing, every night I log on to goals on track to journal my progress. Evernote is also great for this. This daily debrief as I like to call it, is great for measuring what you have done, and getting clear on what you need to be doing the next day. It’s good to get your thoughts out on paper, you know.

Join communities

Nothing motivates you like other people asking what you have done, that is why organizations like weight watchers, alcoholics anonymous work so well, there is peer pressure to follow through.

Join Facebook groups or communities that will help you move forward.  Blogging facebook groups are great for meeting new people who have similar aims.

When you have found your people or as I call a ‘mastermind group’   tell them what you will accomplish the following week and tell them the week after what you have accomplished.

Throughout the week you will feel compelled to achieve what you have told them, so you can say you have done rather than having to face up that you haven’t done.

Blogging is great for this, start a blog and declare every week your goals for that week. Then go back a week later and update the post with what you have accomplished and share it with your group.

You can also blog about any you setbacks you overcame, struggles you had and wins. This will not only motivate you but motivate others as well.

You will start to see comments, from people giving you inspiration which is always a little boost.

So there you have it, my top 4 strategies to motivate yourself to achieve your goals, remember aim high, believe in your self and start achieving more today.

If you want to set goals that stick, where you give your self-accountable and have all the tools that make the successful well, successful then I highly online goal setting software that I use goals on track.

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