my review of the origins course by Katherine Hurst.

so this is my review of the origins course by Katherine Hurst.

I’m not going to lie the sales video drew me in.

I really wanted to know more about the intention point.

so first let me go over what the intention point is, and the results I got when I used it,

So what is the intention point?

Simply put, the intention point is an electromagnetic process that is 5000 times more powerful than the human brain.

that attracts circumstances, events, people, ideas, opportunities that are in your intention point.

And we all have it inside us,

But where does it come from?

It comes from the heart.

And deep down you already know this, you have been probably been told you to go for your heart’s desire or look into your heart for the answer.

All this time you have been told about the true gift that you possess.

Your heart is much more than muscle, it also contains the intention point.

An energy field that attracts back your true heart’s desire.

Not your conscious desires.  

Your intention points contains your inner belief system, it filters your expectations based upon past events.

Which is why worry, doubt, limitation manifest themselves if your past has reflected those things.

Your intention point is set on those things.

When I first used the intention point I couldn’t believe it, making just a simple change had a fundamental effect on me.

You see I was trying to start my own blog. I wanted freedom. I didn’t want to be chained to my day job any longer, I didn’t want to be dictated on when I could live my life and when to face another 8-hour grind.

But no one was seeing my blog, I had spent thousands on mentors to help me claim back my freedom.

But I would not get many visitors, no matter what I did.

Until I learned about this intention point.

I first used it for finding my purpose, an image of a blog came in. I thought nothing new, I’ve built them before.

But the image stayed, I saw people sharing my blog and I realized what I was blogging about, The law of attraction.

In May, I took action I went with my heart and built a blog, the first post I created was the experiment. Here I told my goal of creating a blog that would get me 10,000 visitors a month,

Just a few months later that desire became my reality.

I reached my goal and used my intention point.

I now use my intention point to manifest other things like good days at work, dates etc.

But where did I learn the intention point?

and this is where my review of the origins course by Katherine Hurst comes in.

I bought a course that would show me how, sure I could use google, but I was sick of solving puzzles, so I went with the step by step option, I wanted results and fast.

The course I bought is called origins, it’s by Katherine Hurst, who runs the largest Facebook page on Facebook.

I got it quite cheap at $49. The price does vary, but at the time of writing this, it is still $49.

My thoughts on the origins course.

What I loved about the origins course is multi-format content that it has. 

I first read the eBooks that laid out all the instructions on how to activate my intention point. Next, I watched the video and listened to the audio recording so I could take it all in.

The course comes complete with two eBooks the main guide and one with more advanced strategies,

The first eBook showed me how to use the law of attraction to achieve my goals using the LIFE formula which stands for:

  • Letting go
  • Identifying your goals
  • Fuel your desires
  • Enter the desired state

This eBook showed me how the law of attraction works,  I learned to let go of the past, that was crippling my manifestations, I learned to identify new goals that propelled me to a new future.

Looking back I thought this more of the ‘overview’ eBook.

In the second eBook. Katherine showed me how to let go of the old story that I had been telling myself.

With the exercises, I managed to get rid of past fears and negative emotions using what calls the heart rejuvenator technique.

Where I used a simple meditation exercise to heal my past wounds. She showed me how to frame my new story to support me in achieving my goals.

I learned about finding my purpose and my calling and how to get creative so that I could follow my passion. the reason this blog exists today.

Katherine went over techniques that helped me get in touch with my intuition and get in sync with my desires. With these techniques, I managed to attract a mastermind group, that showed me the way.

The pros and cons of the course


  • It’s affordable – I got it for a one-time payment of $49 that showed me how to activate my intention point.
  • It’s in-depth – Katherine talks about, where the law of attraction came from and how I could make it work for me
  • It gave me practical exercises, I found this to be so much more than a motivational eBook, there are practical exercises that I did that gave me measurable results in my life.
  • There’s a community, I also got access to a Facebook group where I interacted with others who are on the same journey.


  • There’s work involved! The practical exercises take dedication, it required reflection and getting to know my self. It took time to master the exercises. Its more than just fake it to you make it, it required me to go into my self and find out what was holding me back.
  • It required a lot of reading. Even though I love reading, there was a lot of content that were in other formats.
  • Its only in digital format- I got it instantly, I just wish this could be in a paperback form which I could pick up and read. However, there are options to read on my tablet and cellphone. I Just prefer paperbacks!

My final thoughts

Origins is a great course if you want to master the intention point.

The techniques are both simple and effective but require a bit of time on your own to complete. But looking at back at my results I’m glad I took the time to finally get my blog off the ground.

If you want to learn more about the intention point and to see if you can get results for you. I have a link below of a video where Katherine goes over the intention point.

I hope it changes your life like it has mine.

and that is my review of the origins course by Katherine Hurst! check out the video below for more on the intention point.

Watch the video here