Seven Steps to Manifest Your Desires Quickly with the Law of Attraction

To help you to achieve more in life, I have put together seven steps to manifest your desires quickly with the Law of Attraction as the force that makes things happen.

Did you know that your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world?

This is due largely to universal laws such as the Law of Attraction as well as the Law of Vibration. Once you know this fact it liberates you to live the life that you truly want, that you truly deserve.

We are not meant to settle for a mediocre life where we have to go to work, watch TV and go to bed every day. We are not meant to live in poverty, suffering and misery we are meant to live a life of an abundance.Seven Steps to Manifest Your Desires Quickly with the Law of Attraction

Below are seven steps to bring what you want into your life. I highly recommend doing each in order as each one builds on from the last.

The first step to manifesting your desires is to get clarity. As Tony Robbins says, ″Clarity is power!″

So let's begin with step number one, clarity:

Step 1: Clarity

In order to manifest your desires you have got to learn on what you want, For example, if you want more money there is no point in just wishing for money, you have to get clear on the amount you want to earn.

Once you know the specific amount, your mind can start to generate a plan on how to get there.

So how to get clarity.

Identify five desires that you want. For example: more money; a better job; a partner; a thriving business; vacations; bigger income per month etc.

Once you have a rough idea of your five desires you then need to get more specific with each one. For example for money to need to work out what you need the money for.

So outline what the money would go on. Is it for a nicer house? To go on more vacations? You need to get specific on the lifestyle you want to live and then google how much this will all cost.

Work out how much would your vacations will be and how much the new mortgage or rent be for your dream home.

You want to get a total number of the cost as well as the monthly income you will need to sustain your new lifestyle. If you want to attract a significant other get clear on what kind of partner you want.

What do they look like?

What is there personality?

What kind of things do they enjoy doing?

Once you have got clear on your desire you ready for step two:

Step 2: Outline Why You Want It

You then need to get clear on why you want it. You use you're why's to motivate you and to keep pushing forward until you succeed. Ask yourself, why do you want more money?

It's just paper and coins after all.

Is it to be finally free?

To spend more time with family?

Do you want to build a business to add value to people's lives?

If your desire is to meet someone gets clear on why you want to meet someone and have someone in your life. Ask yourself why you want a new lifestyle? Is it to give you and your family a better life?

To have more memories and live a life of adventure?

These are questions that you need to ask yourself. I highly recommend getting a journal and writing down your desire and then writing down why you want it and what it would mean to have it.

Get clear on how you feel when you already have it. Once you have done that your onto step three:

Step 3: Get Clear on Why You Deserve It

When growing up you subconsciously pick up beliefs about yourself and the world around you so that you can make sense of the world. And while this is good for survival, subconscious beliefs can also limit us as well.

Your subconscious beliefs are buried in the subconscious mind and actively shape and filter reality. You see your conscious mind, the mind that you think with can only handle a tiny bit of information at a time or else we would become overwhelmed.

But your subconscious mind can process a lot more, even more than today's sophisticated technology. Your mind is a supercomputer that can handle thousands of processes at any given time.

And so when something comes and fits your idea of reality. Your going to know about it, which is why the following steps are so important.

But to really get results with this method I highly recommend real subliminal, there subliminal audios, rewire your brain with subconscious affirmations.

I can vouch for them because with those tracks, I managed to get the job I wanted and get more readers to this blog.

The next step requires you to outline why you deserve your desires so that you install new beliefs and that you won't self-sabotage yourself later on.

You need to tell yourself why you deserve the desire. Why do you deserve to have more money?

The important thing to realize is that wealth comes to those who add more value to people's lives. So when you have a monetary goal, tell yourself that you deserve it because you will add more value to people's lives and that you will make a difference.

If you want a promotion, say that you deserve it because you will be helping your company and contribute more to your workplace.

If you want to attract a significant other say that you deserve to uplift them and give value to their life. You need to get clear on what you will give in order to get your desire.

If you want to go on that dream vacation or live in that dream house then you need to say that you deserve those things because that you give value to people's lives in order to afford those things.

You need to justify to yourself why you deserve your desire so that you form new beliefs that will support you get your desire. Once you have done that you're onto step four.

Step 4: Believe You Will Get Your Desire

Step four requires to get your subconscious mind to believe you can have your desire by suggesting to it that you already have it.

Once your subconscious mind believes it already has your desire. You will form new beliefs, that in turn will guide your decisions, your actions, and your results.

You will start to see the world differently and circumstances will begin to change. Your subconscious mind will start to give you inspiration and guidance for you to get your desire creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You can do this through auto-suggestions. So there are a number of ways to suggest to your subconscious mind that you already have your desire.

You can use vision boards, affirmations, visualization and meditation. I will go over each one in turn:

Vision Boards

A vision board is a collection of images of your desire. You can use a pinboard or use virtual vision boards. The idea is to collect images of what you want and then visualize what it be like to have the desire while matching the emotion of that desire.

When you do this repeatedly you start to shift your beliefs to match your desire.

Use this, to maximize your success.


Affirmations are positive statements that you tell yourself repeatedly. Now the crazy thing is not a lot of people believe in affirmations!

They say it's just words, but what people don't realize is that they use affirmations all day long. The problem is they're mostly negative ones, such as:

These are all affirmations!

Everything that you tell yourself is, in fact, an affirmation. You need to repeatedly tell yourself you already have your desire and feel it. It may feel silly.

Stuck In your one bedroomed empty apartment and proudly declare you're a multi-millionaire with the lover of your dreams. But you have got to convince your subconscious mind that this is real so that it will guide you to a new reality.

So whatever your circumstance I suggest you just use one affirmation to change your reality "I already have everything I ever wanted and hoped for," then feel what it is like to have everything.

Do this enough times and your subconscious mind will give you results.


This is another word for daydreaming. We all tend to daydream and fantasize about what we want our life to be like and what we worry about and other scenarios.

We can use this time to imagine our desire like we already have it and mix in the emotion of what it would be like to have that desire.

This is another vital tool to suggest to our subconscious mind that we already have our desire. Again for this, you want to boost your visualization ability.


To influence your subconscious mind further you should use meditation as this is a great way to get into your subconscious mind and reprogramme it to attract your desire to you.

What you're doing is quieting your mind, bringing more access between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

When you do this, visualize with emotion your desire, what you're wanting, is being planted in the subconscious mind. When you do this daily things begin to change, and I'm speaking from experience.

Step 5: Join a Community

So step five is interacting with like-minded people who will support and guide you.

You can be a part of numerous communities of mastermind groups. One for your mindset and one to get your desire.

A community is important so that you're surrounded by positivity, people here can uplift you when you feel down. Join a Facebook group where members answer questions and create posts that will help you master your inner world.

Step 6: Create an Action Plan

Once you start using auto-suggestion and you subconsciously believe you already have your desire. You will start to get ideas and inspiration on practical action to take to make your desire come to life.

When this starts to happen I highly suggest that you invest in another journal so that when you start to formulate plans you have a place where you can write them down.

Give yourself a deadline on when to complete the task and tick it off to show you have completed it. This will help you stay focused and motivated to achieve your goal.

Now the final step:

Step 7: Measure Your Progress.

Now you have got clear on what you want, why you want it and why you deserve it. And that you have imprinted the desire into your subconscious by suggesting to it that you already have it.

You should be in a position to take inspired action. When this happens, take action and measure your progress.

Be grateful for your wins and write your wins down in a gratitude journal.

Read your wins often.

This will strengthen your belief in attaining the desire to you. This will then motivate you to make more progress and take more action and get bigger results thanks to the way everyone uses the Law of Attraction as a vehicle for manifestation.

And this is my seven-step process to unlock your desire.


Posted on March 6, 2022 in Law of Attraction