The Law of Vibration

To understand the Law of Attraction, you first need to understand the Law of Vibration and how it works. For that, you need to understand what reality is made of.

Think back to chemistry class where you were introduced to the world of the atom.

I remember drawing these little circles that were the atoms, when they were close together they were solid when they were further away they were liquid and when they were spread out they were gas.

the law of vibrationDoes this ring any bells?

Atoms and Atomic Structure

Anyway, everything is made up of these subatomic particles, and the different types of atoms make up the elements of the periodic table.

These are essentially the building blocks of reality.

So now you know about the atom. Let's talk about what they do.

Due to thermal energy, all the atoms are constantly vibrating.

You see all atoms are in constant motion, nothing rests. Now depending on the speed of the atoms are going they either appear solid, liquid or gas.

That is why when you freeze water it turns into a solid (ice) the vibration of the atoms slow down, bringing the atoms together to form a solid.

So now you now that everything is made of atoms and that they all vibrate let's see where "like attracts like" comes into play."

How Does this Affect You?

Anything that vibrates has a frequency, its a wave. Think of radio waves, when you tune your radio, you start to get back different radio waves that you hear as a different radio station.

The same as a TV. You tune your appliance to a specific frequency that comes back as a set channel or station on the same frequency that you tune into.

So now you know you're made of atoms, and that you vibrate you know you're connecting with things on the same frequency, You know that you're tuned into "!"

Like the radio and TV, you connect with things on the same frequency or wavelength. This is why we say we connect with people who on our "wavelength" or who we are in sync with.

Your Wavelength

You start attracting things to you that are on your vibrational wavelength, depending on the vibration you are in. You start attracting the ideas, people, resources, and desires that are on the same frequency.

And like the radio station, we can tune into different frequencies, but not with a tuner, but with emotion. The transmitter and receiver of these frequencies is the subconscious mind.

You see a single thought can't change our reality. We have on average around 70,000 thoughts a day. Most are repeated from the subconscious mind each day.

To change our reality you must change the vibration your on and for that, you need to have the majority of the 70,000 thoughts supporting what you want to manifest, you must naturally feel good each day.

Good thoughts = good emotion

Matching Your Desire

To get what you want you must naturally expect them without question into your experience so that you are on the same wavelength of that desire. Once you're on the same wavelength, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions match your desire.

That is where reprogramming the subconscious mind comes in.

You need to focus your attention on what you want in life, visualize and feel like you already have your desire. So that you condition your subconscious mind.

Over time the subconscious mind responds to the new thoughts that your imprinting with emotion, that creates the corresponding vibration that attracts back the thoughts, inspiration and actions steps that are on the same vibration that allows you to achieve your goal.

and that my friends is the law of vibration.

The Science of the Law of Attraction.

Now I have covered how the law of attraction works. I want to delve into the scientific proof of it.

This is so I can strengthen your beliefs that what we are doing is working. And as it turned out a few quantum physicists truly believe that we create our reality with our thoughts.

If you have seen the secret you would have already realized that there was a few Quantum physicist's already on the show. Teachers such as Fred Alan Wolf and John Hagelin.

As well as these, I also found other Quantum physicists and scientists who believe in the law of attraction as well. Such as Bruce Lipton, Travis S Taylor and Joe Dispenza.

Recently I've been following their work or how they have come to understand how our thoughts create our reality.

All Possibilities Exist

It turns out in the quantum world all possibilities exist. You see everything is made up of atoms, the atoms are made of electrons and electrons are made of energy. Everything is energy just like the secret said.

Now quantum physicists have found out that subatomic particles that make-up matter are in all states at once until you observe them. I know crazy, right?

Scientists have even named these phenomena as the Observer effect. This phenomenon was found in a famous experiment in 1901 called the double slit experiment.

Where they wanted to find out if light was a particle or a wave. What they found out was that observing the particles determine the result of the experiment. When observed the particles acted differently.

Schrödinger's Cat

Erwin Schrödinger created a thought experiment to explain how this phenomenon worked. He said that if you place a cat in a box, and put cyanide gas in a sealed vial (don't worry the cat was unharmed, it was just a thought experiment), that cat can only be released with a hammer.

And if you set the hammer up in such a way that it is only released if a radioactive substance has decayed. The cat would have a 50/50 chance of staying alive in the box because the radioactive substance has a 50/50 chance of decaying and releasing the hammer.

Schrödinger said that unless you observe the cat, that is in the box the cat is both alive and dead at the same time.

When they did the math, it turned out that it was possible that the cat is both alive and dead at the same time due to quantum law (that all subatomic particles are in all states at once).

Now I know I thought it sounds far-fetched but I'm not one to argue with science. To find out more about this thought experiment below:

These experiments show that all possibilities exist at the same time and that through the art of observation we cancel all other possibilities, therefore, showing one outcome. Now I don't declare myself as a scientist this is only what I've read and watched but I do find it interesting.

That with quantum physics. The study of matter that makes everything from our bodies to the chair you may be sitting on.

That we can influence the subatomic particles just by observing it.

Therefore showing that if we stay in an emotional state of already required the reality that we want we collapse the wave function to what we are observing, which is why what we focus on, expands.

I recently bought a course by Bob Doyle and Travis S. Taylor called the science behind the secret. Travis S. Taylor says that because we are made of energy, our thoughts are energy too and when we have a thought it causes a quantum wave function that directly interacts with the universe due to the fact that the universe is simply energy.

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this in a fascinating lecture on the power of our mind, which you can also find on Youtube.

Summing Up

Therefore to summarize the science behind "The Secret". Know that when we observe subatomic particles the building blocks of reality.

We actually influence how they act as shown in the double slit experiment. And that as we are made of energy our emotions and thoughts send out a quantum wave function that directly interacts with the universe.

Therefore if we align our thoughts with what we want, rather than dwelling on what we don't have, we influence reality in such a way that we attract our desires to us by our thoughts and emotions.

That's why feeling grateful and keeping a gratitude journal attracts more things for you to be grateful for and why these things manifest because they were uppermost in your thoughts.

The first sign of manifestation is that you start thinking of similar thoughts, over time you start thinking ideas and solutions to make your desire a reality.

This is where "brain waves" and the "Eureka moment" comes from.

Then synchronicity starts to occur, you start to show up at the right place at the right time, you start talking about the things you want to the right people who will aid you on your quest.


Posted on February 1, 2022 in Law of Attraction