How to Improve Bad Days with Gratitude

It's well worth knowing how to improve bad days with gratitude so that you can turn things around when they're not going your way and end up feeling great!

So, have you ever have those days where everything that can go wrong just ends up going wrong?

Before you know you're more frustrated than ever and you can't wait to just go home, go to bed and see if tomorrow improves.

Well, fear not because there are a few mental tweaks that you can do to instantly improve your outlook and improve your day and that is with gratitude.

how to improve bad days with gratitudeNow as you know how the saying goes,

"It's one thing after another," and it is all because of what you're focusing on.

You see what you focus on expands.

Reticular Activation System

You see when you're annoyed, your focusing on what is annoying you and then the Reticular Activation System (RAS) kicks in and finds more things for you to get annoyed at.

Before you know it, your having really bad day as one thing after another comes in and reinforces that mood. So what can you do to brighten up your mood today?

The first thing Is to create a gratitude journal. Write down 20 things to be grateful for today.

This simple exercise is enough to improve your mood quickly as your reminding your self what is good in your life.


Visualizing is another powerful tool to change your focus and improve your mood. Simply imagine your day improving. You see, we all make movies in our mind all day long often negative ones.

When you "play these movies" in your mind you are going to feel a corresponding emotion because the subconscious mind can't tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. visualization has been shown to improve your mood and performance.

You can also try the "blessing in disguise exercise," where you write down the thing that is annoying you and write ten blessings that it brings.

For example,

I remember when I got let go from a company because they were making cutbacks. I read the magic from Rhonda Bryne and thought of ten blessings, I said to myself:

I am grateful that...

  1. I am healthy enough to work
  2. There are new job vacancies every day
  3. There are agencies who will find me work
  4. I have the time to improve my skills to get better positions
  5. I can now find my ideal job, one with better pay
  6. I have received so much support from family and friends
  7. I have more time to think about what I want in my life
  8. I have more time to spend with my friends
  9. I have more time for myself
  10. Life is good

You will find by finding your blessing in disguise that you will start to change your focus and start being on the frequency of what it is that you want.

Just know that if your feeling low, the feeling is only temporary, believe that things will get better and with the law of attraction they will. Make gratitude your daily habit and you will see amazing improvements.

Just remember, improve your mood by realigning your focus and turn "one of those days" into the days you will never forget.


Posted on January 31, 2022 in Law of Attraction