How Everybody Uses the Law of Attraction

Did you ever wonder how everybody uses the Law of Attraction, whether they know it or not and it works to affect the direction lives take, either consciously directed or allowed to follow the chaotic path of random circumstance?

I created this article because I know the Law of Attraction, as highlighted in the book, "The Secret," in particular, tends to get rather a lot of hate.

Many people think the whole thing is some kind of joke and that the authors create books like that to make themselves rich by promising false hope.

how everybody uses the law of attractionI want to dispel all criticism of the Law of Attraction, or the "Law of Mind" as I prefer to call it, by explaining how it works in plain English.

When you read this article you will see how everybody uses the law whether they use it consciously or not. This will also start to shift your beliefs as you start evaluating yourself in terms of what you can really do.

The Constantly Working Law

So as you know by now, "The Secret," is about the Law of Attraction. You get what you believe and expect and it creates the emotion within you, and you begin to attract that result.

If you haven't grasped the concept yet, you can read my article on how it ties in with the Law of Vibration here.

So I came to the realization a few days back that whatever people set there mind to, they accomplish. They just don't dream big, they just aim for what the believe they can achieve and get that result.

For example, think of something your really good at, for me its job interviews. It can be anything, can you drive, read and write, are you good at getting the kids up in the morning? were you good at a particular subject at school, think of something you are really good at?

How do you know your good at it? Is it because of the results you get when you do it? It must be, right? Or else how would you know your good at it, without feedback from the outer world.

What You Are Good At

So what is it that makes you good at it? Did you practice that particular skill? Did you model someone and just followed what they did?

Most of the time you practice something then when you see the desired results you tell yourself, Hey I can do that!

But is it just practice that makes all the difference? Or is it expectation as well? Because you have got the results before you come to expect that result again, right?

What I have come to believe is that you must have expected to master that skill in the first place otherwise you wouldn't spend all that time practising. You needed self-belief and expectation so that you would have the motivation to practice again and again until you got it right.

You would have had to believe it was possible, to begin with, or why bother trying in the first place? You would simply not have to drive or desire to follow through with action to complete that task.

Taking Your First Steps

Think of babies who are taking there first steps. They spend there time observing the world around them and notice that people are not crawling but are walking, and they think hey I have legs too! so they try and again and again until they are taking there first steps.

It's like when you learn to read and write. Your teachers expected you to be able to read and write, I mean everyone can right?

And so they told you, I'm going to teach you how to read, even your parents, caregivers got into as well by getting you to read picture books. With all this expectation, you will have come to expect for yourself, "Yeah I'm going to learn and master reading!"

And look at you know now, reading my article.

Belief and Expectation

It is that belief and expectation, that gives you the motivation to keep trying until you succeed. It is the same with anything in life.

Successful people don't let doubt cross their minds, they expect and believe they will get that result. That gives them the motivation, the fire to take action until they get the results that they expect.

It all comes down to their subconscious programming, what they have been taught about what is possible when you were young.

Look at Donald Trump, love him or hate him, you can't deny that he is confident that he will succeed, he expects to succeed. He believes he is a winner, and through belief and expectation, he's not only a billionaire but despite all the naysayers, he became the president of the United States!

It is that belief and expectation along with daily habits making the law of attraction work, that sees positive action being carried out until the end.

Summing Up

Whether you believe or accept it or not, this law of nature is constantly at work influencing everything that everybody does.

You can either allow circumstance to drive your life wherever it wants, or you can take control by harnessing the law and directing your life the way you want it to go.

Start dreaming big, believe and expect that result. You will start getting ideas on how to make it happen, then take the desired action and if you truly believe, through the law of attraction, you will attract that result to you.


articleed on February 3, 2022 in Law of Attraction