5 Daily Habits to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

I want to share five daily habits to make the Law of Attraction work for you in ways you would never have believed before you knew about this concept!

First the back-story: I remember when I was in an old job in sales, I wasn't very confident, to be honest.

I was a little shy and I was partnered up with a good sales rep, I was listening to his calls to hopefully get some inspiration.

He starts talking to me and calls me out for my lack of confidence.

He says, "You don't believe in yourself do you?"

I say, "Not really. I've been fired from every sales job I've had."

5 daily habits to make the law of attraction work for youHe told me I should listen and research a self-improvement guru called Tony Robbins.

Now I had never heard of Tony Robbins but apparently, it helped bring in the sales for my new colleague at the time.

Self Improvement Books

Now it was this job I was learning about the law of attraction as well.

I angered a lot of people I cared about and I remember one screaming down the phone at me, "Well you attracted all this with your damn negativity!" So I thought I'm going to look at self-improvement books!

Books were my escape from reality, some use drugs, beer, gambling I used books. They tend to be cheaper plus I didn't really have the money to gamble plus I never really wanted to. (plus I don't care much for drugs)

I quickly found that my misery was caused by my negative programming in my subconscious mind, I began to research how to reprogramme myself to feel happier and attract a reality that I wanted.

I was reading a book (the same 8-inch novel I was talking about in the first post) it was called "Awaken the Giant Within," by Tony Robbins. The book changed my life. I felt so much happier.


In the book, Tony talks about rituals. I don't mean the ones from the occult, where you stand in a circle and channel energy (I think that's what they do, I'm not really an expert to be fair) But daily actions you can do that turn into habits.

Tony talks about how these rituals define people. For the CEO it may be waking up at 6 am and reading something inspirational.

To the fitness trainer it maybe they work out at 7 am. The point is they do the same thing every day that defines them.

So I started to create a ritual to reprogram my subconscious mind for success.

So If like me, you want to use the Law of attraction to bring everything into your life, feel free to follow my daily actions or rituals.

The ritual that I use to manifest starts in the morning,

1. Start the Day with Meditation

I start the day with Zen 12, a mediation program. You can get a free meditation here. This helps me start the day right.

I simply wake up and do the daily meditation. I free up any negative energy and let in more positive energy.

So that I can start to increase my vibrational frequency so I can attract more good days. Meditation is an essential tool to relieve your self of stress and can often help with depression and anxiety.

2. Law of Attraction Hypnosis

Now that I have done my morning meditation it is onto hypnosis.

Hypnosis can have a bad rep. But really all it is, is in getting your self in a meditative state where you have access to the subconscious mind. Then a hypnosis expert plants suggestions into your subconscious mind.

Rather than act like a chicken that is often associated with hypnosis. My hypnosis sessions help me believe in myself and the law of attraction and help me with my visualization ability.

The hypnosis that I listen to is an MP3 on my phone. So I can listen to it whenever I want. But usually In the morning after the meditation.

3. Law of Attraction Subliminal

After my hypnosis session, I then listen to a subliminal album by subliminal guru. This continues with planting more suggestions into my subconscious mind that helps me keep in alignment with what I want.

I listen to this after the hypnosis. I listen to this on my phone as I go about my day.

4. Subliminal 360

After that, if I'm not in the day job I often on my laptop and then I use subliminal 360. Which puts subliminal messaging on auto-pilot.

Basically, as I'm on my computer subliminal messages prop up only for milliseconds. I can't consciously read them but my subconscious mind can.

So as I'm working away creating blog posts or procrastinating on youtube. My subconscious mind is being continuously reprogrammed to attract my desires to me.

How cool is that!

5. Five-Step Technique

This is: focus, boost, release, gratitude and go!

Through out the day I use the new manifesting formula. forget the whole ask believe recieve because 6% manage to make it work!

Seriously the new manifesting movie exposes the new method.

Here is what I do:

I focus on what I want.

I boost it with energy, basically, I match the feeling of what as if I already have it!

Then I release. I let out to the universe and thank it for giving me those things. I'm no longer asking, I'm thanking!

Then I practice gratitude and I think of everything I am grateful for now and that is it!

You should watch the new manifesting movie, it's shorter than the secret but well worth the watch. More strategies less Hollywood!

The key is to be consistent and take do these little exercises every day. It takes 30 days for the same action to go into the subconscious but when it does it will become automatic.


Posted on January 30, 2022 in Law of Attraction