How to think your way to success

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There’s a secret to success,

You may already know it,

That we are our thoughts,

Our success, our failures all come down to our thoughts,

The decisions we make are based on our perceptions of reality, our thoughts,

Our actions come from what we think the result will be, our beliefs,

We become our thoughts.

We are our thoughts.

And below I want to share a simple method on how you can think your way to success,

This unique method will remove doubt and adversity

So you that you too can pursue the path of success,

If you already know about the law of attraction, then you will know that gratitude is a sure way to bring more to you.

But I want to suggest a unique spin.

Let’s say you want to attract more money,

Let’s say to make this money, you decide to start a business. When you want to become successful in business you want to think of the impact that you make on others.

Usually, they say to be grateful for the amount of money you want to make, and that is all you need to do to bring that money to you.

You see, you want to look at money and success differently,

You see the amount of money you make is in direct relation to the amount of value that you give.

In order to start a business, in order to get that promotion, you have got to bring more to that table.

And so in order to think your way to success.

You have to think about and appreciate the amount of value that you will bring.

If you want to start a business, a blog or anything else, appreciate the amount of value that you will bring to people.

Appreciate the end result for your customers. Think how happy they will be once they buy your products and services.

Don’t focus on the money, focus on the amount of value that you give.   

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When you do this, you’re giving up resistance,

Of needing that money, your no longer wanting.  But you’re being grateful for the impact that you have on others.

Let’s take this to career aspirations.

Don’t focus on that promotion. Focus on the impact that you will make for your company.

Focus on the results that you will give your company when you get your promotion.

Such as more revenue, more customers, satisfied customers, etc.

If you believe in the products and services your company gives (and you should) appreciate the impact your company has on these people.

And think about how you can contribute to this impact.

The best salespeople are the ones who are passionate about their products and services, the prospect can see this.

Passion for what you do will make you more successful, in whatever you hope to achieve.

Now let’s take this to relationships.

If you want to attract a loving partner, your soulmate, think of the impact you will have on them, appreciate how happy they will be once they have you in their life.

When you flip the table this way.

Your inner critic, can’t talk you out of attracting your partner.

Because you’re not focusing on the happiness you will receive, you’re focusing on their happiness.

That you will bring

Which over time will change your self-belief to knowing that you do deserve them in your life?

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