How to rewire your mind by re framing your day.

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Want to rewire your mind for success?

Want to make the law of attraction work for you?

Then what I am about to share will help you manifest more easily by reframing your experiences on a night so that you rewire your mind to believe you are already living the reality that you want to attract.

Hands up, if you find yourself doing these things?

You go about your day and stuff, well it just happens, some of your day goes alright some of your day doesn’t go that well.

And you head home to forget about it until you go to bed and then you lie there thinking of your day.

But can I ask. how often do you go over the negative stuff that happened to you? How often do you replay the movies in your mind of everything that went wrong?

Until anxiety and regret creep up. You tell yourself that you should have said this, that or the other.

You go over the mistakes that you made, things that you should have done that would have made your day go more smoothly.

Well, this is what most of us do.

But its a big mistake.

You see if you have read my earlier post where I go over the bedtime routine that allows you to easier manifest.

I mentioned that at this crucial time before you are about to go to sleep.

You are going down to the theta state and directly communicating with your subconscious mind.

You see it is your subconscious mind that attracts everything into your life.

I would go as far and say that your reality is a mirror to your inner world your subconscious mind.

‘ As above as below as within as without’

Now for the best results of influencing the subconscious mind, you may want to try subliminal messaging, where you listen to an audio file and subliminal affirmations will bypass your conscious mind and go straight into the subconscious mind allowing you to rewire your mind. 

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Now, as well as using subliminal messaging you can also do the following exercise that comes from the teachings of Neville Goddard a master more manifest.

You need to do this exercise just before you go to sleep so you can actively start reshaping your subconscious mind so that your reality starts conforming to the suggestions that you have placed in the subconscious mind.

When you are about to go to sleep, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for a few seconds.

Until you are in a relaxed state.

Then analyze your day.

Think of everything that you did, everything that went well, everything that didn’t go so well.

Now continue to focus on things throughout your day that didn’t go so well

And now Imagine that they did!

Simply imagine something that didn’t go your way and imagine that it went better than expected.

That it turned out perfectly.

Do this for everything that you can think of that didn’t go well.

What you are doing is rewiring your mind to think that your day went perfectly.

As you get the hang of this and start doing this day after day. You will notice that over time you don’t really need to visualize things going well

As life is starting to just go your way. 

Thye key is to make it a habit do this night after night, keep visualizing your day as you wish it so that it was perfect in every way.

This has lots of benefits such as it reduces your worry and anxiety on a night allowing you to get a better nights sleep that will keep your performance and your productivity up the next day.

With a better night’s sleep, you will naturally feel much happier and be in a more focused state of mind that will allow you to get more done and tackle the tasks that need doing.

The art of visualizing and feeling your days tells your subconscious how you want life to be, remember the subconscious mind can’t distinguish between reality and imagination so when you are visualizing, your subconscious mind is thinking it is real.

So if you are imagining you were confident and happy and you gave that awesome presentation, for example, your subconscious mind will help make the vision a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So that the next time you have that big presentation your subconscious will help you replicate the success that you previously imagined.

Your subconscious mind is that powerful.

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