How to overcome limiting beliefs.

One of the biggest questions that get asked when people start to learn the power of their minds and how to use the law of attraction is how to change their limiting beliefs to that of an empowering belief that will propel them forward rather than hold them back. 

The beliefs that we hold about ourselves about what we think is possible and what isn’t become self fulfilling prophecies simply because they are rooted in the subconscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that runs 95% of our life and when it comes to beliefs, the subconscious mind makes it its mission to make sure our reality matches up to those beliefs.

So often people are trying to manifest desires, a new reality that contradicts their beliefs, (what  they truly believe is possible for them) and the result is that they don’t end up manifesting those desires instead they manifest more evidence of their beliefs. 

Overcoming limiting beliefs is crucial to mastering the law of attraction. The art of attracting into your life your desires through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. 

The first step to changing a limiting belief is to,

Become aware of your beliefs 

The first step is to find out what your beliefs are and the easiest way to do that is to see your beliefs physically.

by creating a mind map.

Think of all the areas in your life that you are struggling to manifest and in the middle of your paper write down

what are my thoughts of X? 

For example, if you find it hard to manifest money you may put what are my thoughts on money?

You would then circle this in the middle and then you would start to think of your most dominant thoughts around money and write them down around your question.

You then want to list all the reasons why you believe these thoughts to be true, you want to list all the evidence that you have that supports that belief. 

The way I look at beliefs is that they are a lot like a table. The top of the table is the belief, and the legs of the table are the evidence that supports that belief. 

If you remove the legs of the table, the table falls apart. Or if you change the evidence of a belief that belief starts to fall apart.

In order to do that you need to first look at all the evidence surrounding that belief and then challenge it. 

Challenge your beliefs. 

Using the evidence that you have listed you then want to go a little deeper and start  asking why you believe this in the first place 

 For example let’s say you ask your question, what are my thoughts on money? And you answer it with, 

money is hard to come by 

and you list all the reasons why you believe this such as:

  • I have struggled throughout my life to make enough money to make ends meet. 
  • I can’t afford to splash out on what I want 
  • My job doesn’t pay me well 
  •  I don’t have the time to make more money 
  • I don’t know how to make more money. 

You then would then start to think of reasons why you believe ‘I have struggled throughout my life to make enough money to make ends meet’ 

So like a therapist I would ask myself why I believe this and write the answers in a notepad. 

For example, I am going to use the first bit of evidence, ‘I have struggled throughout my life to make enough money to make ends meet’ 

You would write why? 

Then you would answer why, 

For example, 

Why have you struggled throughout your life to make enough money?

 Because the jobs I took, only paid me the bare minimum to get by. 

You then ask why again, you want to get to the root cause, 

Why did you go for these jobs?

 Because they were the only ones, I could get 

Why do you believe this? 

Because I am poorly qualified, 

Why don’t you get more qualified? 

I am not smart enough

 Why do you believe this? 

Because I always made mistakes in school and I always mess up my exams 

Now we have a root cause, I think I am not smart enough to get a better job. Now I want to get clear on how this belief has served me in the past, and what my results were. 

Did you believe you were not smart enough in school? 

Yes, I didn’t listen very well 

Could this belief have manifested the poor exam scores? 

Most likely. 

I am now clear that my belief that I am not smart has stopped me from achieving, now I want to show myself what could be possible if I believed I was smarter by using students who got successful results. 

What do you think the other successful students believed, knowing what you know about your belief? 

I think they believed they could do well 

Do you think this belief helped them manifest their results?

 Most likely 


Because they listened more and believed they could do it. 

Now I have evidence that a new belief has served other people, I now challenge how this new belief could affect me. 

Do you think if you believed you were smarter, you would get better results? 


 Do you think you would be better qualified if you thought you were smarter? 

Yes, I do 

Now I have found that If I believed I was smarter I would get better results, I ask myself

 if I believed I was smarter, would there be any evidence? I want to challenge the old belief with new evidence from the better belief. 

Let’s say, you knew you were smart, without question, you knew it was a fact. what evidence have you got to believe this in your life? 

when I passed my driving test, or when I look for jobs

 I now challenge my old belief with new evidence.

 When looking at other evidence, it is fair to say you’re not smart? 

No, I am smart at other things. 

I now think of a better belief that would serve me better,

 What could be a better belief to use, looking at the new evidence?

 I am smarter than I think 

Do you think this new belief will help you get more qualified and get you a better job? 


 As you can see, I challenged myself and asked why I thought I couldn’t get a better job, It turned out I didn’t believe I wasn’t smart enough. I then asked myself leading questions on why I believed this. 

I found out it was school. I asked myself if had this belief when I was in school. And I said yes, I asked if other people who got better results believed in the same belief. 

I figured they believed in themselves more. I then asked myself if this new belief would have helped me. I found out it would have. 

I then asked if I thought I was smart; would I have any evidence to support it. I then listed the evidence. And I used this new evidence to question my belief. 

I then thought of a better supporting belief and outlined why this would help me. Finding evidence of a new belief can be tricky when you have thought this belief for a long time and see evidence all around.

Just remember that your beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies and whatever you believe, happens.

A good way to find evidence of a new belief.

Is to imagine a row of people in front of you who have the new belief you wish you had. And mentally step into that first new you. 

Imagine them believing in the new belief a little bit and then step into the next  new you in that row and imagine they believed in that belief a little more and imagine what it would feel like to have that new belief. 

Keep stepping into the new you’s in the row believing in that belief a little bit more each time you step into a new you until you believe in the new belief and then from this new state, look for evidence in your life. 

What you focus on expands, and from this new state of mind, evidence will come. 

Which you can use to challenge your belief. 

Keep the questions and answers in your notepad and read this every day, keep listing new pieces of evidence every day, ask yourself every morning or evening, why you believe in the new belief. 

Why do I believe I am ….? 

Overtime when you believe in this new belief, get rid of the questions and answers of the old belief. This is so you only have the evidence of the new belief and the new belief itself. 

And read this every day. You will start to form the new belief, you will start acting differently, thinking new thoughts that support that belief and as a self-fulfilling prophecy, you will start getting new evidence of the new belief. 

Just remember no belief is true, it’s just what you believe about the world based on what you perceived in the past. 

But because of the power of the mind, your beliefs shape your world, making what you believe come true. 

As a final exercise, 

remember the mind maps you created with the old belief? 

get rid of them, burn them or shred them, imagine the mind maps are your old beliefs as they are destroyed your old belief system goes with it. 

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