How to manifest with two glasses of water using the law of attraction.

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did you know you can manifest in just 24 hours from now? it sounds crazy, doesn’t it? but there is one way where you can and it’s with the two cup method. It doesn’t matter if you feel stuck or even caged in your current reality that does not give you any fulfillment. If you want reality to change and want it to change fast.

then the two cup method is the way to go.

and the best part?

You can get results in just 24 hours from now.  

so what exactly is it and how does it work?

well, it’s simple enough to carry out you just get two cups a jug of water and a couple of post-it notes.

On one, you write your current reality, on the other a description of your desired reality. you stick the post-it notes to the cups,  pour water into the cup with your current reality, and then pour that water into the cup with the desired reality.

and bottoms up! your new reality awaits!

but you may be asking, how can it work? its only water and a few post-it notes.

well, it comes down to the water.

now you may have heard of DR Masaru Emoto, his work is featured in what the bleep do we know.

he did a fascinating experiment where he froze water molecules and exposed them to phrases such as ‘ I love you’ and ‘ I hate you ‘ as well as various types of music.

and what he discovered was simply amazing. The water modules formed different patterns depending on the music and the phrases. You can check out this experiment in the video below:

so now (if you watched the video) you can see how powerful water really is, so when you hold a glass of water with the post-it note of your desired reality, and you match the emotion that you would experience once you have your desire as you hold the water,

your shaping the molecules of water!

As you drink the water, that water goes through your whole system infusing your whole body with the energy that you just put into that water.

that is how powerful this process is,

are you ready to get started?

The two cup method 

So as I say the two cup method has got some serious attention in the law of attraction circle. It has been referred to as quantum jumping, where you literally jump into another reality, where you have everything you want. 

how that happens ill never know, but the method could not be simpler 

What you need 

  • Water
  • Post-it notes
  • Two cups

How it works 

Step one: Get this free hypnosis booster mp3 to manifest more easily.

Step two: get two post-it notes.

on one of the two post-it notes Write a description of your current reality.

On the second post-it note write down a description of the desired outcome that you want to achieve E.g more money, better relationships, nicer house anything that you can think of. 

Step three: Then stick the first post-it note with your current reality to the first cup.

Then stick the second post-it note to the second cup. 

Step four: Pour the bottle of water into the cup with your current reality. Then with the first cup pour the water into the second cup with the post-it note with your desired state (the new reality)

Step five: When holding the second cup with the water, Match the feeling of the desired state and visualize having what you want and be grateful for already having it.

For best results follow the 17-second method that will help you further 

Step six: Then drink the water.

And surrender your desires.

By that I mean you don’t need to ask, wish or pray for them,

as you will begin to manifest those things in your life. 

Over on Reddit,

users have seen results as well see this post where a Reddit user reported that she was unemployed and living in poverty.

Now as well as using water there are other ways to start to manifest quicker and that is by conditioning that part of your mind that allows you to effortlessly manifest.

Im talking about the subconscious mind. 

You see I spend just 15 minutes in the morning reprogramming my subconscious mind. 

The way I do It is I get my headphones and listen to this audio track on my phone, 

its basically a meditation track, where there are Binaural beats that allow me to go into a deeper relaxed state, known as the ‘theta stage.

In this stage, my subconscious mind is more receptive to ideas and suggestions and it is here where the audio track really does its magic. 

You see once the audio track relaxes me, subliminal messages get played directly to my subconscious mind allowing me to focus more of what I want and less of what I don’t.

Now the thing about subconscious messages is that I can’t consciously hear them. They bypass my conscious reasoning mind and go straight to the subconscious. 

This means I can’t counter them making them 10x as effective. 

Now the audio tracks I have are part of a 21-day program. Where each week I listen to one audio track. 

so in week one, I listen to my natural state, this audio track starts to open my mind up to the natural state of unlimited abundance. It tells my subconscious mind that I don’t have to “work hard” to create abundance.

Instead, it dissolves the limiting beliefs and stories that are currently PUSHING ME AWAY from what I really want.

“Your Natural State” resets my brain to the condition it to when I was born: Rich with endless possibility… Not endless scarcity.

Once I did my first seven days, then I started my second week, my new story. 

In this week, the 2nd audio track starts to dissolve the OLD story that has been sabotaging the financial breakthroughs I SHOULD have already experienced.

I  this audio track when my subconscious mind “learns” my NEW story, all of the negative circumstances that used to own my attention… just naturally fall away, and get replaced with what I really want.

Then comes the third and final week, this audio track reinforced that new story that I deserved to effortlessly attract more abundance into my life.

Overall these audio tracks work on one principle, energy flows where your attention goes. The audio tracks are designed to keep you focused on the things that you want and not dwell on the lack and scarcity in life. 

with this new conditioning in place I began to effortlessly start to manifest more of what I wanted into my life, simply because….

I started to focus more on what I wanted and less of what I didn’t.

if you want to learn more about these Audio tracks and learn how they work, simply click the button below. 

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