How to manifest like the rich.

Why is that when a person has a rich mindset, they accumulate a lot of wealth and when they lose it all, after a few short years, they start to acquire that money back, like they just seem to attract that money back into their life by default.

Well, truth be told, 

It is simply because they have a rich mindset. I have been recently reading a book called the secret of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker, I highly recommend the book if you have a chance to read it. So in the book he talks about how we all have this wealth thermostat, he says

That we all have this money blueprint that he argues single-handedly determines your financial life, this is because your thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to actions, which lead to your results. 

He asks us “Why do you think the way you do about money”

He has found that it is due to our conditioning. When we were young we were taught how to think about money. 

So if we believe that when we were growing up that money is hard to come by then chances are you will still find it hard to accumulate money today.

you may have grown up around phrase such as

” money does not grow on trees”

” money is the root of all evil”

” the richer get richer while the poor get poorer”

all these phrases repeated enough will start to sink into the subconscious mind and will begin to formulate your wealth blueprint.

so the question is,

How can you begin to raise your wealth thermostat to attract more money into your life? 

Well in the book ‘secrets of the millionaire mind Eker talks about how we can have these ‘ wealth files’ a new way to look at money, 

He offers suggestions such as believing that you are the creator of your life than believing that life just happens to us, he talks about taking responsibility and ownership for the results that you get out of life. 

He then states that you need to have a clear intention for the kind of money you want to have in your life. He argues that most people just want to be comfortable and that is what they end up getting, a comfortable lifestyle. 

On the other side the rich want to be rich, when the rich lose their money, they don’t dream of having less they set the intention of wanting the same amount back, and because they have already had it they believe it.

That’s the key intention + belief. 

But that is not just enough you see you have to be committed to making more, so many people dream of becoming rich and they go there local store and get a lottery ticket, 

But the odds of winning are very low, you have higher chances of building a business. But to build a business that gives you a lifestyle that you want takes commitment and belief. 

It also takes a certain type of mindset to manifest like the rich. I talked in a previous post about the importance of having a growth mindset over a fixed mindset. Where the poor see obstacles the rich see opportunities and challenges. 

It is important to make sure to have a growth mindset so that you can overcome adversity and to keep pushing through until you succeed. 

To acquire the right mindset to manifest like the rich can take a lot of work, after all you may have already been conditioned a certain way, and chances are the current income you are on now will be what your ‘wealth thermostat is set to’.

To begin to manifest like the rich you need to reprogram the subconscious mind as then you will start to think differently which will lead to you feeling differently to taking different actions to get better results. 

It all starts from within

So how to do you reprogramme the subconscious, 

Well there are various ways from Subliminals to hypnosis. 

But I have a foud a program that works well. 

It is a four-week program that uses hypnosis to put you in a relaxed state and to reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest like the rich. 

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