How to make the universe bend to your will  – The power of decision

What makes one a success and one a failure?

What is the secret that they have, what allows them to identify their goals, follow through and achieve what they set out to achieve?

Some have argued that their success was down to the moment that they decided they would accomplish what they wanted to do.

And it was their decision that allowed that to stay committed until they saw there goal go from there imagination to their reality.

In this post, I am going to break down how you can make the universe bend to your will by making a commitment, a decision to follow through to the end.

And why once you make that decision the universe just seems to go the way you want it.

So why do the decisions we make define the result that we get in life?

Well below let me define the formula for success

Thought + belief + decision + action + feedback + action = success.

When you want success with whatever you want to endeavor, you think of what you want to succeed at believing it is possible for you.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t take the relevant actions to see the results that you want.

From there you make a decision that you will pursue that goal taking the relevant action. Until you get feedback from what is working and what is not working. That is until you take the right actions based on the feedback that will make you a success.

It is the decision that bridges thought into action that makes one a success and one a failure. The people who don’t succeed in life don’t make a definite decision to see their goal to the end.

It all lies in the power of decision.

The power of decision

So what is it about making a decision that relies on the success we get?

I would say there are two elements at play, one is motivation and the other is the power of belief.

When you make a decision to follow through to the end no matter what, you won’t let anything deter you.

You won’t let negative feedback or temporary defeat deter you from reaching your goal because you have made a decision to follow through to the end.

When the successful decide on what they want to achieve, they won’t let anything get in there way.

They will persevere against the odds and accomplish what they set out to do.

Because they made that commitment to themselves that they will succeed.

And it is through that decision, that they stay motivated at the task at hand. They see failure as only feedback that continues to teach them what they shouldn’t do or even what they should focus on to bring that desire into reality.

The second element at play is the power of belief.  We live in a reality where we change thoughts into things.  Due to the law of vibration and the law of attraction.

The law of vibration states that nothing rests everything is in motion and today science concludes that everything is in vibration, including the things that we want to bring into our life.

The law of attraction states that we begin to attract into our life the things that are on our frequency.

And so when you make the decision to accomplish what you want. You will have the self-belief that you will reach that goal and with that self-belief, you will start to resonate with the things that you want.

Until you start to bring those things into your life.  

How to make a life-changing decision

And so on how to make the universe bend to you will.

As I say it’s all down to the decisions that you make today.

First identify what it is that you want, what it is that you want to achieve.

And from there and make a decision that you will achieve the end result.

That is all you need to do!

Just decide that you will accomplish it,

You will feel compelled to see it through the end, you will find yourself taking more action to get you closer to your goal.

You may start by reading books on the subject you want to master, to watching videos of how to do it. You may decide to enroll in courses, anything that would teach you the way.

From there you will start taking the right actions that will take to where you want to go.

To help you, you will want to write a contract out to yourself, where you declare that you have made a decision to follow through to the end.

As well as declaring your decision, you will want to identify why you have made that decision as this will motivate you to keep going when the going is tough.

So if you are struggling with bringing what you want into your life. Make a decision that you will have it and take action every day and just watch how the universe just seems to bend to your will.

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