How to let go of negative thoughts to manifest a bright new future.

Some people find it very difficult to manifest because they are shackled to the past. Their thoughts, emotions, and actions are based on past events and so they are thinking from the past and when they do this then they recreate the past.Which is why when you want to make the law of attraction work for you, you need to let go of the past in order to manifest a bright new future.

You have to let go physically, mentally and emotionally. 

To start to let go of the past start to exercise daily as this helps to let go of the old energy and create new lighter energy.This is why when go for a run or go to the gym or even go out for a walk you tend to feel better and happier and you can think more clearly. Exercise releases dopamine which makes you happier, exercise can also release unhelpful memories and can quickly change your state of thinking as well as removing stress. 

Start to exercise daily to start to feel happier. 

As well as getting regular exercise to release negative energy. You need to look at your past and current thoughts.Your current thoughts are often repeated daily because of this the mind always gives out signals that convey our deepest beliefs that come from our repeated thoughts. Remember your persistent thoughts turn into physical reality eventually by turning into beliefs. It is then that  we act and perceive reality according to our beliefs.

Which is why our beliefs or our most persistent thoughts shape our life.Negative thoughts are the primary causes of fear and depression. Which will manifest more situations and reasons that make us more fearful and miserable.Now in order to figure out what you’re thinking look at your emotions. To live a better life your emotions are key.

Every thought has a corresponding emotion. When you feel down and unhappy simply ask yourself.

  • What am I feeling? 

  • Why am I feeling this way? 

  • Can I let this go?


The most common negative emotions are judgment and worry. Judgement can come from ourselves, how we perceive ourselves, others, and the environment around us.

 For example we may perceive ourselves a certain way, We may start comparing ourselves to others and we might start judging our environment such as if you hate your job or your house or even the weather.

The best way I have found of letting go of negative thoughts such as these is by keeping  a thought diary.Simply monitor your thoughts every day for about 30 days and counter them with an affirmation backed up with an example from your past that supports that affirmation. What I mean by this is that let you say you have a persistent thought,

I always screw up. 

You then reverse this with, 

I am achieving more and more because …. And think of an example of when you achieved something. When you start thinking of that thought in the future simply tell yourself that you are achieving more and more because…

It takes consistent work but in order to let go of the past you need to let go of the negative thoughts surrounding it. When you let go of the negative thoughts and you start to counter them with positive thoughts you start to create a brighter future. To help you let go of negative thoughts, I have created a simple fill in the blank template.

where you simply print out the template, fill it in every morning, noon and night and you start changing your negative thoughts into positive ones! 

Download your template below.

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