How to instantly feel good whenever you want.

I’m going, to be honest. Today and yesterday I feel into old thinking patterns and I felt miserable. I even felt miserable because I knew the law of attraction existed.

I knew my negativity was creating my life of negativity. I couldn’t shift it. I was stuck in a place I didn’t want to be. I kept doubting myself over and over,

I fell into a ruminative state. Where I was thinking over and over how bad my life was.

Because of the subconscious cues I was giving people and for the law of vibration. My customers at work were getting ruder and ruder.

This negative state continued until today. I felt depressed because I was a slave to the subconscious mind thinking I could never change it. I was becoming lost in my mind.

But then I remembered something, and that was a book I read about instantly becoming one with self, that raises your vibration and that is by stopping thinking altogether.

It is like meditation but you can do this standing up, sitting down, laying down, while your working. You see the only thing that keeps you in a negative state is your thoughts.

When you slow down and stop the attachment of your thoughts,

you naturally fall into a high vibration you know this to be true because you feel calmer, more relaxed and natural feel good.

Then when you feel good, your frequency changes and you become in alignment with the things that you want its all about staying present.

I first read about it in the power of now book by Eckhart Tolle.

He shows that we are either thinking about the past or the future and never the present.

We become frustrated that we can’t change the past and that we tend to think of scenarios that we don’t want to happen in the future.

But the key to enlightenment and happiness is by focusing on the present moment.

So I found a quiet place where I wouldn’t be disturbed.

I focused on one spot and I just started focusing on the present.

Thoughts came rushing by, the usual ‘you’ll never achieve anything in life’ ones.

I became detached from thoughts and focused on that one spot.

I focused on my breathing.

I imagined my thoughts just zooming by like cars. After a few minutes, the frequency of the thoughts stopped.

I felt calmer and found inner peace just by becoming detached from my thoughts.

After I felt calmer and more relaxed, I noticed that thoughts and inspiration came to me.

Hence this post. I’ve also noticed this especially works with if you’re having a mental block.

As when you clear your mind the ideas come to you.

Which is why when you were in your exams your mind might have gone blank but when you come out of the room the ideas came to you.

You stopped focusing on the fact that you couldn’t remember.

So onto how to instantly feel good.

Whenever the negative thoughts occur do this.

1. focus on what you’re doing

2. when a thought comes, stay present and watch it whizz away

3. keep focusing on what you’re doing in the present

that is it, stay in the present, and watch your thoughts whizz away, over a short period of time the thoughts will become less frequent, and then you will find inner peace and you will be on a higher vibration.

to get really good at meditation you really want to look over at zen 12 there is a free meditation on there too.

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