How to design the perfect vision board 

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You may have heard the famous saying that is going around.

What you visualize is what you will materialize. 

That the images that you hold in your mind will materialize in your reality. 

Even Albert Einstein himself has said that imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions. 

People throughout the world have been using vision boards for decades, using them to keep themselves motivated, to keep the eye on the ball. 

Whenever things were not working out they would just look over and see that holiday that they would dream about. 

And they would say ill go there, ill make this work and since the secret came out, that famous documentary/movie made back in 2006, Vision boards have blown up. 

Now every man and his dog has one. 

But not everyone is living the life of there dreams, why is that? 

Well, maybe they see the images as a fantasy, as a someday. The key to success with the vision board is to look at the images and transport your self there. Matching the feelings as if what you see on that vision board is your reality. 

So how do you make vision boards work? 

Below I have a few pointers that will point you in the right direction.  

Let’s begin.   

1. Make it physical 

It goes without saying the best ones are the physical ones. You want to go old school. Pick up a pinboard from amazon and some pins and stick it somewhere where you will see it often. 

Yeah, there are apps out there, where you can just download a few images and place them on a virtual vision board. But be honest, how many times a day are going to go to that app and look at it? 

In a few days, you will most likely forget about the app and forget about the vision board. 

You want to place the vision board in a location where you can see it regularly because you will find your self focusing on those desires more bringing them into your life. 

2. Have pictures that excite you. 

Go to google images and search the things that excite you, the exotic locations, the fancy houses, your ideal mate, the cars, the pictures hat reflect your ideal lifestyle. 

Think to yourself if you won $15,000,000 on the lottery, what would you do with the money? and pin images that represent that up.

You want to pick images that will elicit a positive emotion within you so that when you look at it, you will feel excited. 

When you look at the images, transport your self there, imagine floating into the image and make the image 3D. For example,

if you got this image: 

Imagine standing on the sand. Feel the sand between your toes. Feel the cool breeze and the warmness from the sun. feel your waves wash over your feet as you see your family laughing and having a good time. 

See the trees and smell the sea air, make it as real as you can and do this with every image. 


Have inspiring quotes that will uplift you and keep you going, for example, I went to and printed out Albert einstein’s

 ‘ imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions’ 

 as well as Neville Goddards 

‘ the great secret is controlled imagination and well-sustained attention, firmly and repeated focused on the object to be accomplished’

I used google images for this one. 

These quotes help you to believe what you are doing is working, I mean I not going to argue with einstein ill leave that to Bohr. 

The quotes will motivate you to keep imagining to keep believing and to keep manifesting. I usually scatter these quotes through the board. 

3. Affirmations. 

Affirmations are effective when repeated daily and so when you place them on your vision board you can’t help but look at it and read it. 

Affirmations must reach the following criteria, 

  • Must be positive – ‘ the not’s, can’t and no’s will have the opposite effect. Affirmations such as ‘ I am not poor anymore’ will keep you poor. And here is why ‘ don’t whatever you do think of a pink elephant with wings, just don’t do it.  What did you just imagine? A pink elephant with wings? That’s because the subconscious mind can’t process negatives. ‘ I am getting wealthier and wealthier each day’ would work better. 
  • Keep it present – The subconscious mind lives in the present. If you imagine the good times in your past, you will feel good, why? Because the subconscious thinks it’s happening now in the present. It’s the same with the future. So don’t put the ‘I will’s’ because this is the future, put the ‘ I am’s’  I am making more money each day’ I am manifesting my dream house’ I am wealthy, happy and strong’ 
  • Make it brief and specific- short sentences work best, make your affirmations brief, a short sentence such as ‘ I am making more money each day’ it’s short and to the point. 

Again I scatter these affirmations around my board with images and quotes.

5. Give your self a deadline

Jim Carrey has famously noted that he drove around posh neighborhoods carrying a ‘fake’ cheque of fifteen million dollars with a time and a date of when he would make it.

And by that deadline, he ended up making fifteen million dollars with his hit film dumb and dumber. 

Napoleon Hill mentions the importance of a deadline in his book think and grow rich. 

Having a deadline gives your subconscious mind a time frame of when to manifest it. It also makes it more real for you. For example, if you had that previous beach image, at the bottom, grab a sharpie and write 23rd July 2020. This will make it more real to you. 

The key is to belive it, believe you will go there by the 23rd of July 2020 or any over date. You will figure out a way to get there. 

You can also do that with blank cheques, grab a cheque book and write your self a cheque put the sum of money you want to manifest and date it. 

Your subconscious mind will figure out the rest. 

6. Use real money 

Nothing tells your subconscious mind that you have money than seeing real cold hard cash.

Pinup your notes!

Pinup $100 in $10 or $20 notes, and scatter them through your board, this will tell your subconscious mind that you always have money and as a result, you will begin to manifest more. 

If you imagine having more with good positive emotion. 

Just make sure for security reasons you don’t place your vison board near windows where people outside may see and don’t post on social media etc. 

If you feel uncomfortable doing this you can also just have real money in your wallet, that you just don’t spend it. 

I don’t personally use this approach but heard good things. 

7. Photographs

Photographs elicit memories and stronger emotions. 

Pinup a photo of you and your family and significant other and feel grateful and happy there are in your life. With gratitude, your relationships will grow stronger and even more meaningful. 

This also works with previous destinations and other photographs that you want to relive. 

What this does when you look at the photographs is that it helps you relive those memories. Take yourself back to relive those moments. Don’t see your self as living in the past. Remember the subconscious doesn’t see it in the past. Don’t see it as ‘ happy memories’ see as experiences that you will relive once again. 

And that is how to design the perfect vision board, 

Remember what you visualize is what you will materialize and as you keep imagining with feeling and belief is what will become your life. 

As well as using a vision board,

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