how the universe guides you to your desires.

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The how in the law of attraction is usually forbidden,

they say don’t think of the how

just believe it will happen and feel like you already have it,

and the how takes care of itself.

But how does that happen?

Can you just wish for a million dollars?

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believe you will get that sort of money and feel abundant and hope that the next time you check that bank balance you just happen to have your million just sitting there?

If that is not true, then does that make the law of attraction a lie? Or is there a missing step that we are all missing?

The truth is when you are in vibrational alignment, the how comes to you. The universe, your subconscious mind actually starts guiding you on your quest to get that desire, whether it be a free cup of coffee or that million dollars.

The key is to watch for the signs that guide you.

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When you start thinking and imagining what it would be like to have that desire with strong belief. 

your subconscious mind will use its power and connect with the universal mind, to find a path for your desire.

I recommend you start,

visualizing your desire every day as often as you can. And over time you will start to visualize more things associated with your desire including how you got it.

For example,

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when I started to visualize being wealthy, I visualized the money, my lifestyle, but over time I visualized the job.

I visualized hosting a meeting, having my own employees, having my own office,

This gave me clues on how I would make that sort of money I was visualizing,

And today I’m taking steps to make that big vision come to life.

What helped me this most was using subliminal audio, from real subliminal, as these audio tracks communicate with your subconscious mind,

it really helped me subconsciously align my desire, and I noticed I would get more ideas, following this approach.

It also worth mentioning,

It is Your reticular activation system and the law of attraction that draws more things to you.

The law of attraction will draw in possible resources, while the Reticular activation system will bring those resources to your attention.

And these resources could be anything, from books that will give you the knowledge on what next steps to take, to people who could offer you opportunities to get you closer to your desire.

To ideas and guided action on what you could do to bring you closer to your goal.

The key is to look out for these resources is to have a total conviction that you will get what you are asking.

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The most successful people throughout history have had a great vision, that they looked upon, they had a purpose they knew what they wanted, they knew they would get it and that the path ahead would be shown to them.

It is why Luther king junior said Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. Because once you take that first step, more steps will appear,

Until you have climbed the whole staircase to your desire.

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