how the gratitude rock works, the key to manifesting.

A few years ago a huge viral film came our called the secret, which was all about how your thoughts and emotions create your reality.

Anyway, in the film, they mentioned a powerful technique that you can do that will instantly improve your mood, by finding a simple rock and feeling gratitude every time you held it.

Now you can find this rock anywhere, it can be in your local park or by your local stream, you simply carry the rock everywhere you go and every time you touch the rock you think of one thing to be grateful for.

The secret shared a story where a father used gratitude to bring health back to his child, the child becomes better and as a result, they start selling gratitude rocks.

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so, getting back to gratitude rocks,

So how does it work?

So with my research into the subconscious mind and my background in psychology, I started to learn about neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

NLP talks about setting anchors. Where you touch something external and purposefully feel a set emotion and over time you will associate that external object (your gratitude rock) with that emotion.

Whenever you purposefully assign your rock with the gratitude emotion, over time whenever you touch the rock you will instantly feel grateful.

Until gratitude becomes your way of life.

Think of Pavlov and his dogs. Every time he would ring a bell he would feed the dogs, He was conditioning the dogs to think that whenever the bell rang, they would get food.

Pavlov found that when he rang the bell, the dogs would start salivating as they associated the bell to be feeding time.

You can do the same with your gratitude rock. Where you associate an everyday rock with gratitude.

Having an anchor for gratitude is powerful for creating your life, the first thing that happens when you use the rock to feel grateful is that it changes your mood and your focus.

And as you know by now whatever you focus on expands thanks to the reticular activation system. Whenever you feel negative, just touch the rock and think of one thing to be grateful for.

Whenever something goes right simply touch the stone and be grateful for it happening.

When you’re using the stone as a prop as a reminder to be grateful, and your setting this anchor, you’re communicating to the subconscious mind that your life is good right now,

If you’re doing this on a continuous basis, your subconscious mind will start to naturally improve your mood. With a good mood comes good thoughts. This, in turn, will naturally raise your vibration you can see my post here on the law of vibration as this is what attracts positive events to happen in your life.

Having this little stone with you is that powerful!

Using the gratitude rock

  • Take the gratitude rock everywhere you go
  • Touch the rock and be grateful for every little thing that you like, for the morning coffee, for your car, for getting to work, etc
  • Whenever you feel negative touch the rock and think of one thing that you are truly grateful for right now.
  • Keep doing this for 30 days to set a gratitude anchor

and that is how you use the gratitude rock!

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