Goal Setting

One of the more powerful ways of increasing your own production and self motivation to go that extra mile is by goal setting in a way that is achievable by you.

Here is a great goal setting method that will motivate any blogger to build and grow their own blog to create a source of income from the Internet.

What is the one thing that can instantly motivate you to succeed in the life of blogging?

goal settingThe answer?

A Deadline

So many bloggers hope and dream about the lifestyle their blog will provide but most of the time they all miss one vital thing. A deadline.

A deadline is a set a date that you give yourself to complete a goal.

We all had them in school and college, even in our jobs require targets that have to be met by a particular date.

But when it comes to our own blogs, our own hopes and dreams, we don't give a deadline. Instead we give it a "someday" or a "maybe."

Why You Need to Have a Deadline

A deadline, when taken seriously will motivate you to get stuff done. A deadline gets rid of those "somedays" and changes them to an "I need to do this, this week."

When you make that change, you start to take more action and as a result, you start to get to achieve more. You'll also set yourself up to attract money making ideas as you go along because you'll be more motivated to work toward those achievements.

Setting a Deadline

When setting your blogging goals, people often make the mistake of setting big yearly goals. By the end of the year, I will have.

But I just read that when you do this you start to procrastinate a lot more. Giving yourself excuses such as I've got 10 or so months to do this ill start this next week.

But next week never comes around.

Because then you procrastinate again and again. Until the year nearly ends and suddenly you leap into action trying to get as much done as possible so you can reach that big annual goal.

Which is why when you see big companies and corporations they don't have big annual goals. Instead, they have quarterly goals.

They have 12-week goals that they work towards, they may call them targets or objectives but it is still a goal all the same.

Why do they do that?

It is because they know they will get more done if they do it that way. They know that in order to get stuff done they have to motivate their employees.

And they know that if they scrap the annual goals and instead focus on the quarterly goals with a shorter deadline,

they will have a stronger urgency, compelling employees to take more action to achieve that goal or company objective.

Compressing Your Goal

If you have a big annual goal, you will need to compress it into what you can complete in the next three months.

If it helps, break that big goal up into 3 smaller goals, and there you have your quarterly goals,

You then want to compress further and break up your first quarterly goals into monthly goals, then into weekly goals and finally daily goals.

Take Action

Then it's just a case of taking action, unsure of what steps to take? Have a read of my post on how to create a goal crushing action plan below.

But as you can see using deadlines, to create urgency will motivate you to get more done. There are other things you can do as well. I'll add more tips and techniques in the related articles listed below.

The best tool I recommend to keep yourself accountable and set that all-important deadline is goals on track as here you can set your goals and outline your tasks is to create a journal of your progress and visualize your success.



Posted: April 17, 2022