Get the job you want with the law of attraction in eight easy steps.

If your unemployed or just want a new career then read on because in this post I am going to share how I manifest jobs at ease in just eight easy steps.

Remember you can have any job you want with the law of attraction. It all comes down to the beliefs and limits that you place on yourself.

Use my eight steps, to get clear on what you and then attract the new job into your life.

but first, you must get clear on what kind of job you want to do…

so let’s start with step one:

Step one: Get clear on the job you want

The first step to get the job that you want is to get clear on the kind of work that you want to do.

Think of the industry you want to go in, what your role will involve, what the work culture will be like, what the people be like and what your salary will be.

You need to get specific on what your next job will be like and then write down everything about the new job in the present tense like you already have it.

Once you have written down what your new job will be like, you want to read it morning and night until you feel like you already have the job.

Step two: Create a vision board

I remember back in 2013 when I was sick of been fired over and over again because I simply could not sell over the phone.

Now when I first learned about the law of attraction I decided I wanted a job where I didn’t have to do sales. I simply wanted to work in an office environment with a good wage.

I simply got a pin board and pinned up images of what I wanted my work to be like. I put pictures of offices, people, any image that reminded me of the job I wanted to attract.

After you have created your vision board you want to put it in a place where you will see it all the time. When you see it, picture yourself at your new job and be grateful for already having the job.

Make no mistake, the vision board can be very powerful, when I first put one up I was excited and things started to appear very quickly. Within a few weeks, I was working in the office environment that I was visualizing.

It really is that easy.

Step three: Believe you will get it

Another powerful way of attracting your job is to simply believe you will work there. Once when I was at another job, I made a declaration that I was sick of traveling.

I really wanted to work at a specific shop where I lived so I would get to my job in five minutes, cutting out the commute. So I set an intention that my next job would be there.

Within 3 days of setting this intention the next time I went in, they were advertising for the job I wanted!

I applied and got the job!

Simply state to yourself where you next want to work. And believe that will be your next job. I appreciate having that job and things will start happening.

what really helped me with this was this subliminal audio , as this helped me subconsciously believe that I would get the job.

Step five: Act like you’re already working

Now the next method happened by accident.

I remember when I was unemployed for 12 months and I knew I needed to get back into work. This was after the jobs I attracted above. I was part of a get back to work scheme that helped people like me get back into work.

It was an office environment where we simply spent a few hours each week looking for jobs. I was getting nowhere at home so I started to spend more time at this back to work program.

I ended up spending a few hours each day at this ‘office environment’  I already had another job where I wanted to work lined up and so again I set my intention. Again vacancies appeared and I applied.

When I was at the back to work scheme looking for jobs, I got a phone call telling me I got a new job! I couldn’t believe it.

I knew I got the job because I felt like I was already at work.

Make Job hunting your new career!

Set yourself a schedule, set your alarm and apply to jobs, even wear work clothes you want to wear. Do everything you can to feel like you are already at work.

Set yourself breaks and a schedule. You want to generate the feeling that you already have a job and sure enough the job offers will come through.

Step six: Be grateful you already have the job.

Now when applying for a new job it is important that when filling in your application that you are grateful for already having the job.

When you are grateful the universe will give you more on what you are grateful for including the new job.

Step seven: Connect with people

One of the best ways of getting a new job is to connect with people who work for the organization that you want to work for.

Remember the old saying ‘it’s not just what you know it is who you know’

Here you can get a better idea of what it is like to work for the company that you want to work for, plus you may connect with people who could hire you.

Shapr and Linkedin are great for building professional relationships.

Step eight: Get qualified

My final tip is to skill up. One of my favorite law of attraction books ‘Think and grow rich’ Napoleon Hill talks about getting ‘specialized knowledge’ which is all about mastering a skill that would be useful in the workplace.

There are loads of courses that can get you certified in a number of areas such as LinkedIn Learn or Udacity. Simply research the skill you want to learn and the internet will give you suggestions.

So that is all for this post.

Remember to get clear on where you want to work, visualize your new job, believe you will get the job, feel like you are already working, connect and get ‘specialized knowledge ‘ and sure enough, you will attract a new job.

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