Couple win 110+ competitions using the law of attraction.

A big shout to Faye Bradley on mentioning the article on a facebook group I am in. Faye and her partner Marina recently made the news as they had won 110 prizes worth 10,000 euros in one year thanks to the law of attraction and the wins just keep coming in!

You can read the article here.

I think stories like these are great and really show what is possible when you change your thoughts. What I really liked about the article is the insight they shared on how they used the law of attraction. It resonates with my five daily habits (see at end of post) that I highly recommend.

To attract a life-changing sum of money in your life from competitions or even the lottery I highly recommend doing the following.

Every day write ten things that you are grateful for in your life. These can be just about anything including your health, finances, relationships, career, lifestyle, friends, family, general life wins etc,

Then when you are truly thankful for what you already have then you can start being grateful for what you are attracting into your life. Regarding competitions where you want to win big. Think of an amount of you want to win.

Then in your gratitude journal write down that you are grateful for already having that amount of money. Then write down ten things on what you’re grateful for because you have that money or prize.

For example, let’s say you enter a competition to receive a life-changing sum of money. Think of what you would do with the money?

Would you buy a house, a nice car, go traveling, set up a business that you are passionate about, or even start a charity?

Would you provide your family and friends with a better life?

Write down everything that you would do with the money and write down why you are grateful that you could do that.

For example, I am grateful I can now give my family a better life and that money worries and stress in my family is now in the past, thank you so much!

Then quieten your mind by observing your thoughts until you feel inner clarity and visualize winning that amount of money. Turn that image into a movie. See your friends and families face when you announce what you have won. Feel the joy that you feel, see yourself using the money to buy a house, car, vacation.

Believe it is already yours. Make sure to use vision boards as part of the process as this is what Faye and Marina use to maximize their success. They even run a vision board workshop (see their blog and facebook page for details, see below)

Do this daily and when you enter competitions that probability of you winning will significantly increase as shown by Faye Bradley and Marina Murphy.

Just make sure to enter competitions when you feel good, and you’re doing it for fun and enjoyment. Never when you need to win.

To learn more about Faye and Marina you can check out their blog here and their facebook page.

Now if you want to take manifesting to the next level,

I highly recommend watching the video below as this will show you how to manifest in just 24 hours.

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