6 reasons why you need to keep blogging when you want to quit!

so you have decided to take up blogging.

the promise of riches and freedom call.

you have set up your blog, your writing post after post, maybe getting some traffic, but not enough, you might be making money, but not enough, and the going, well it’s getting tough, your feeling disheartened, unmotivated and need that kick up the a** to get things moving.

It’s important to understand,

Everyone has dreams, but let’s face it not a lot pursue them. The thing about dreams is that people can cast them off as just a fantasy.

They see there dream as a lifetime away and they don’t see how they could reach them. They just think ‘ yeah it would be nice, but then they think of excuses on why it will never happen.

So they don’t bother trying, But then you see other people who achieve their dreams and build there blogs and make there millions and they seem to have everything going for them. They are happier and fulfilled.

What makes them so different?

Do they see there dreams differently? Not as a fantasy but in fact something attainable that they can reach? Does this make them try harder, so they get better results?

It is my belief that yes they try harder and they get better results. And it all starts with that dream of yours. In this post, I want to share six reasons why you need to keep blogging!

  1. You can achieve anything that you put your mind to. 

corny as it sounds, its true when you commit to something and you believe in your self and you have a little faith you can achieve it.

you will find a way to make it happen. ideas will start to flow and your creativity will start to shine.

because you will believe you can do it. and so does the most powerful computer on earth, your mind.

It all starts from that belief,

when you feel unmotivated and you just want to give up, Its probably because you can’t see your self succeeding.

you’re stuck and you don’t know what action to take.

you don’t believe you can do it.

but when you’re in them moments, remind your self and I quote nutty professor on this when I say ‘ yes I can’  you can do this, that belief will keep you going.

and from that better state of mind, momentum will start to build.

it all starts from belief.

number two.

2. Goals determine your future

Pursuing any goal in life and taking consistent action is a sure way to get more results in life. The action you take determine future outcomes. Bottom line, goals determine your future.

The actions that you take today, determine your future. Let’s say you wanted to become an established author. Your goal would be to write a book and get it on the shelves.

Let’s say you create the book and you learn what you need to do to get it published and become a success. None of that would happen if you didn’t have the goal of becoming an author.

You wouldn’t have taken the steps to become an author. Success starts with a goal.

3. You won’t drift through life

Having a goal means that you have something to aim for and that you are doing something that will make you more successful.

Not having a goal and just going with the flow means that you drift through life, you do what you need to do to survive, nothing really changes.

Life is the same old story and before you know it, everything gets repetitive and you look at friends and others and think wow they have it better than me.

because you gave up!

Not following your goals can lead to a life of misery and disappointment that you haven’t accomplished what you wanted in life.

4. You will be more fulfilled

You will achieve more when you start pursuing your blogging goals. You’re simply taking more action towards getting the things that you want and later on you will see start seeing results.

You will have picked up many skills and learned more about yourself as you start going for what you want in life. When you look back later on, you will be surprised at how far you have come and with this, you will start to feel more fulfilled.

5. You will grow as a person

With blogging, you can learn new skills and master your craft, you will be on a journey of self-discovery. as you start getting your ideas out there.

You may even start associating yourself with other bloggers and going to events that can help you pursue your goal, building those crucial relationships that could change your life.

You will start to analyze what makes you tick, what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you can do to improve yourself.

With blogging you will start to grow as a person you will start to have new experiences that will shape who you are and make you a better person. My advice, dream big, get creative and believe you can do it.

6. You will feel empowered

Achievement is addictive. When you start ticking off your achievements and noticing your wins you are going to start feeling more empowered, and this will motivate you to keep going.

You will start succeeding more and you will enjoy life more. It all starts from having that dream and following through.

When you’re pursuing your goals you are going to be more productive and you will unleash your creativity as you start to think on how you can achieve those dreams.

So there you have it six reasons who you need to keep blogging.

I highly recommend you get specific on your goals and look at your progress every day. for this, I use goal on track, online software that helps you plan, track and work through your goals. You can find more information here.

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