5 steps to creating a blog soaring action plan.

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It’s all fun and games, creating that big-time blogging goal, but without that action plan by your side that life-changing goal, turns into a big some daydream, a fantasy.

today, I will show you how to create that blog soaring action plan that will get you from where you are now to where you want to go.

So how to create an action plan that you will stick to.

First, you need to learn what you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

#1 step – formulate a plan

plan your goal with books

You need to dedicate an hour a day learning about how to achieve that goal that you have in mind.

[bctt tweet=”If you dedicate an hour a day learning about a particular thing for the next three months you will know more about that subject than the other 99%” username=”LOA_how_to”]

Because you will be dedicating yourself to learning that subject. From here you can start to formulate a plan on where you need to go.

  • learning step one – read books.

So its time to hit the books.

bloggers have created numerous books on the blogging subject in detail so that you follow along with their advice and learn how to make your blog work. 

So your first stop is Amazon. Below are my top ten books on blogging that you want to read.

  1. ProBlogger: secrets to blogging your way to a six-figure income – Darren Rowse
  2. The million dollar blog – Natasha courtenay-smith
  3. Blogs Change Lives: A practical, inspirational guide to building a blog that could change your life! – Aby Moore
  4. Content Machine: Use Content Marketing to Build a 7-figure Business With Zero Advertising- Dan Norris
  5. Everybody Writes: Your Go-to Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content Hardcover Ann Handley
  6. content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business, Revised and Updated Edition – Ann Handley
  7. Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing – Joe Pulizzi 
  8. Building a StoryBrand Paperback Miller Donald
  9. Contagious: How to Build Word of Mouth in the Digital Age Paperback Jonah Berger
  10. Entrepreneur Revolution: How to Develop your Entrepreneurial Mindset and Start a Business that Works Paperback Daniel Priestley 

When you found your books, read and take lots and lots of notes.

When you have read the books. Go on youtube.

  • Learning step two – youtube

Are there any channels you can subscribe to? 

There are loads of videos that cover numerous topics from blogging as a whole to content creation, social media marketing, SEO, WordPress tutorials, affiliate marketing, product creation and more. 

Spend 30 mins a day watching videos, while taking notes. The other 30 minutes should be dedicated to reading more books on how to achieve your particular goal.

Then dedicate just ten minutes a day reading blog posts that cover the same subject you want to learn. Again taking notes as you go.

By now you will have lots of notes that you can work with to start to formulate a plan.

  • learning step three – invest in courses.

Invest in courses,

udemy, teachable are great for affordable courses that cover most subjects, just head to udemy and type in what you want to learn.

Usually, they have offers on. Just simply look at reviews and customer reviews if you think the course is right for you.

And jump in.

Usually, with paid courses, there are more step by step that the free information which gives you more clarity on which tasks you need to be doing.

Often you can get support and reach out to the instructor to help you with any obstacles that may come across.

there is one course I highly reccomend though that I will cover below.

#2 step two – join mastermind groups

A powerful thing happens when you start to align your self with other people who are achieving the same goal as you.  You start to bounce ideas off one other, share strategies on how to complete your goal.

You can learn from the mistake of others, and see what is working for them.

And what’s more, with social media this is not only free to do but easy too.

find facebook groups and communities that are working on the same goal as you. Simply type in keywords associated with your goal on Facebook and select groups.

Carly runs a great facebook group called blogging like we mean it.

And join those that post frequently.

Again take notes on all the information that stands out to you, so that you can start to find out what tasks and activities you need to be doing,

it doesn’t have to be in order, just get out all the steps that you need to take.

I myself are part of a mastermind group over at dare to conquer. where our mentor Paul Scrivens AKA scrivs

dare to conquer is more than just a mastermind group, Scrivs creates courses on all aspects of blogging. he shows how to launch blogs, how to get to 10k+ page views a month Pinterest, how to optimize our blog with Google.

to monetization, he shows us how to make $1500 a month with ads, I don’t have any (post coming soon on why) to how to make money with affiliate marketing and product creation. (which I recommend)

You can see dare to conquer here to see what it’s all about.

>>>>> dare to conquer 

# step three – get a mentor

When you hear about what makes a successful person, successful, most of the time they mention they had a mentor.

Someone to guide them through the process, mentors give them advice and help them with any obstacle that comes there way.

Some mentors host coaching programs where they will have step by step courses and mastermind groups where you can interact with others who are going through the same journey as you.

As well as the mentor, who will guide you through the whole process.

To find mentors, reach out in facebook groups and forums, to see if they are a part of any, check out their experiences with the coaching program to see if they have any success with it.

be aware coaching courses are not cheap, often there are hundreds sometimes over a thousand dollars, invest wisely.

#4th step – formulate a plan

Now you have done your research its time to formulate a plan.

if you have gone with coaching you already have your plan, but for those who haven’t, let’s proceed.

Using your notes, start to formulate a plan that you need to be doing so that you can take action and reach your goal.

Using your notes, create action steps that you need to be doing

You will notice that some of these tasks can be small (it will take a few hours ) or big (it will take a day or two) just think of any actions that you take that will move you closer to your goal.

Once you have outlined all the actions that you need to be doing. You need to create two lists, one for the big tasks that you need to do, and one for the small tasks that you may procrastinate on.

#5th step – prioritize

So now you have your plan and your action steps, its time to prioritize what you need to be doing. This free planner will help you.

So back to your list,

label one list

‘ big tasks I need to do’

I.e I need to learn a skill so I can get better qualified for a new position at your career

And another list

‘ small tasks that you need be doing’

I.e ‘ i need to look at job offers to see what skills they want’

Once you have your lists.

You need to prioritize on which tasks you need doing first, that you will bring you closer to your goal.

To stay organized I have all my goals and tasks i need all in one place which is on goals on track which is online software I use that just makes goal setting ten times easier.

# sixth step – take action

I know I said five steps, but if I don’t mention this one, I will feeling like I’m missing out on the most important part,

which is,

taking action.

Schedule an hour day to tackle your smaller tasks and then use the remainder of the day to tackle your bigger goals.

The worst thing that you can do is overthink what you need to be doing. Just go with your gut instinct, look at your list and ask your self what do I need to do today.

Break your day into one hour slots, planners such as a self-journal are great and start scheduling tasks that you need to be doing to bring you closer to your goal.

Scheduling your time will make you more productive and will stop you feeling overwhelmed

You can read this post here on how to stop overwhelm.

Create daily goals for your self (see the printable below) and tick off each task as you go along, journal your progress each day and reflect on the week you had.

Before long you will start to see measurable progress of you achieving your goal.

if you want help to create a kick-ass action plan where you can set goals that stick, give your self-accountability and have all the tools that make the successful well, successful then I highly recommend you grab yourself the goal setting software I use which is goals on track. You can learn more about it here

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