5 step manifesting method that works every time

There is a lie going round in the law of attraction community.

Do you want to know what it is? 




Did you know only 6% of people who practice this, manifest? 

The rest?



Well, first they don’t let go…

they find themselves asking and asking and asking and they wonder why it never shows up, yeah they believe but before long with all that asking their belief start to waiver because well they are just not receiving.

But then there are those who swear by the law of attraction you see their life just goes there way. 

You got to ask what are they doing differently?

They are not asking, 

But they are believing and receiving

You see this manifesting formula is missing one vital component 


I can’t sit on my couch 

And ask for a million dollars. Believe it is coming 

And anxiously look out of my window wondering when it’s coming. 

And this is why the law of attraction has such a bad rep.

Us manifestos are considered lazy, that we want something for nothing that all we need to do is just imagine it and it will appear out of thin air. 

Thankfully there is another way of looking at the law of attraction and its not with ask, belief, receive 

But rather,

Focus, boost, release, gratitude and GO!

This is how it works. 

In the morning. 

FOCUS on what you want, focus on your desire, really make a vivid picture of what it is that you want and then the next step.

BOOST. Match the emotion, really feel like you already have the emotion be there at the scene and feel like you already have it. 

What you are doing is telling your subconscious mind, that part that controls 95% of your life. What it is that you want, and from there you are activating the reticular activation system. Where it will begin to bring things to your attention that will help you attain your goal.

Such as resource such as books, seminars, workshops, where you can upgrade your knowledge and skills that put you on that path to abundance.

To people who will aid you on your quest.

Your subconscious mind is supercomputer and it knows that fastest and easiest way to get to your desire, you just need to tell what is that you want. 

Next is RELEASE, the hardest part, just surrender it to the universe, Let nature do its thing. You want to surrender your desire. Lose attachment lose the importance, its coming don’t you worry!

Next is GRATITUDE– be grateful for the here and now, make a list of everything that you are grateful for and the RAS will give you more things to be grateful for. Putting you in a happier state. 

Gratitude is the secret tool for releasing all attachment as when you are grateful for the here and now you are no longer wanting your desire, and funnier enough the less you want it the faster it comes. 

The final one GO. 

Take massive action, you know when you will want to take action because it is like a light bulb goes off in your mind. You get some kind of inspiration a brain wave, a thought. 

And you will get a good feeling by it and you feel compelled to take action. 

And that is the five-step technique.

But HOLD ON because I have cool resources. 

First is the new manifesting movie, that goes deep into this new method 

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SECOND is the cheat sheet 

A printable cheat sheet that you can just follow along and implement the new and improved five-step technique 

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THIRD- the complete done for you solution- Carl Harvey from abundance.tv will go over it this video 

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FOURTH – my very own manifesting worksheet 

This is how it works.

step one: you simply download it below and print it out

step two: you fill it in, Identify your goals

step three: you read every morning when you wake up and every evening as you are about to fall asleep.

step four: after 30 days, things start happening!

don’t believe me, try it yourself below.

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