3 crucial things you need to do before you write your next post.

Cranking out post after post?

Just starting your first?

Whether you have just bought your domain name. Or you have been blogging for years, make sure you before you write your next post, you have these three things ticked off, as these can make or break your blogging career,

Let’s begin

Number one

Know who you are writing too.

Great content is content that people resonate with, they relate to. The post you write must be written for them.

If your audience resonates with your content they are more likely to not just read your post but do other things as well.

Such as grab that unmissable freebie your generously giving away, getting them to await your awesome emails, or they much just grab out their credit card and buy your product.


Because you will get them, and they will want more of your content, you get their problems, and they will start to trust that you can provide a solution.

So how do you go about it? How do you write for your audience, how do you write for readers you never met?

Ever watched an ad, and you think yes they speak to me? I want it!

In the marketing and advertising world, they have what is called a customer avatar,

A profile of the person that would want what they are offering.

They know there wants, there needs, they even give them a back story and even an image.

They often use data from there existing customers, but you don’t have to. You can just make up an imaginary customer and outline why they want, what you are offering.

Think of your blog content, and imagine your ideal reader, visualize what they look like, give them a name. What do they want?

What are they looking for? What do they need? What obstacles are they having? What keeps them up at night?

Give them a back story.

Who is this person? Why do they want what you are offering?

Write this all down and you will have your very own customer avatar!

Write for this person.

You will find that a lot of your readers will be like this person.

And they will take more action

Number two.

Think of your post goals.

In dare to conquer a mastermind that I am a part of, Paul (the owner) talks about the impotance of knowing your post goals, now that you know who you are writing to, you need to get clear on what you want them to do when they do read your post.

Do you want them to just read and leave, and forget about you?

Or do you want them to stick around?

You need to get clear on your immediate objective, each post should have two objectives.

  • To get them to read the post
  • To get them to sign up

First up is the content, your first objective is to get them to read the blog post.

You need to get them entertained, get them intrigued, teach them and make sure they are having a good time.

The aim with each sentence?

Get them to the next one.

You need to get them absorbed in your post.

They must be interested in your content.

Once you have nailed that?

Offer them something.

Give them a freebie. Get them on your list.

Make it as related as possible,

Don’t write a novel, just give them a few tips or one big quick tip.

for example, I give away a quick guide that shows you how to double your Pinterest traffic.

It’s a three-minute read.

number three,

Get clear on the end goal.

Capturing a lead is great and all, but you can’t live off email addresses!

Why are you writing?

For the fun of it? Or do you have a bigger goal in mind?

Marketers have what’s called a funnel, where they guide the customer through a customer journey so that they turn visitors into customers. With a funnel, there are multiple goals.

Typically the goals start out the same.

Goal number one: get visitors

Goal number two: turn visitors into leads.

Goal number three: build trust and credibility. Get them desiring the product.

Goal number four: get them to buy

Goal number five: get them to buy something else!

You have got to think of your long term goal, is to get people to buy your products? To get them to buy someone else’s product so that you can get a commission?

You have got to write down your goal for each visitor, once they read your post? Then what?

When they signed up.

Then what?

When they have bought

Then what?

So many people have all these goals, and hide their product pages, have an opt-in page on their sidebar,

Which is right at the bottom, even below the comments on mobile devices.

Which everyone is using.

Before you write your next post, know what your goal are and you will have a lot more success.

There you have it, my top three crucial things.

  • Know who you writing to
  • Know what you want readers to do
  • Know your blogging objectives.

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