7 tips to stop feeling blogger’s overwhelm.

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Ever have one of those days where you just feel stressed and overwhelmed with this whole blogging game? Then you may be feeling burned out.

What is burn out?

So burnout is a feeling when you just feel weak and quite simply exhausted. You feel like crap, you doubt yourself and you lack any feeling of accomplishment, you’re just overwhelmed by it all.

sound like you?

The good news is that there are simple exercises you can do to stop feeling burned out. So that you feel more in control of your life and you can get back to being productive and slaying your blogging goals.

Below are ten tips to get back to your old happy blogging self.

#1 – take a step back

The first thing to do when suffering from overwhelm is to find the cause of what is putting you under stress.

Is it your work?

Your home life?

Your business or blog?

When you have found out what is putting you under so much stress, take a step back, and acknowledge that you’re feeling the strain and realign your goals accordingly.

Create a list of what takes priority and create little tasks so that you are taking steps to get the big things done.  For this, I use online software called Goals on track.

Delegate where you can. If your running a blog, hire a writer, or host guest posts, hire someone to do your marketing. Fiverr is a great marketplace to find freelancers, alternatives can be up work.

If you’re stressed about work, talk to your colleagues and supervisor, see what they can do.

You will be surprised to find how much help is available when you just ask.

The biggest takeaway is to find out what takes priority and delegate where you can.

#2 Meditate

Now yes this can sound a bit woo-woo as it is often associated with monks in the Himalayas (at least that what comes to mind for me.)

But just a few minutes a day of meditation can drastically lower stress and make you feel calmer. Meditation has been proven to have numerous health benefits.

An article from psychology today, reports that mediation can remove stress, improve your productivity and make you feel happier.

You don’t need to be a Jedi master to meditate, I use a free app called headspace to guide me through a simple process.

you can read the article from psychology today here

#3 sleep

This goes without saying sleep is vital to get rid of overwhelm. Sleep is essential for you to recharge yourself so that you feel fresh for the day ahead.

Take note of your daily routine. Are you working until the long hours of the night?

Give your self a bedtime routine. A common trait to high achievers is that they set a time to stop working in the evening.

They then use there evenings to spend with their family and get a good night’s rest. Make sure you’re having at least 8 hours sleep a day.

Try having a hot drink such as hot chocolate or even tea, just stay away from the coffee!

If you are a parent.

Make sure that you give your child a bedtime routine. so that you, in turn, get a good nights rest too!

Erin at theincrementalmama.com talks about the importance of a bedtime routine.

Where you set a specific time for your children to go to bed and then set a routine of things you should do before bedtime.

Such as cleaning up toys and giving them a bath you can read more tips here on how to get your child to sleep below.

Read Erin’s post on how to get your child to sleep here

#4 Prioritize

This goes back to what I was saying before about getting the big things done. You need to start prioritizing what you need to do.

I read a book not so long back called the one thing by Gary Keller.

The book says that there will be one task that you can do that will have a domino effect and affect your other tasks as well.

so that you get more done in the long term.

You simply need to ask yourself one question,

 “What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Once you have defined that ONE thing that will make your life easier everything will become easier.

For example, for bloggers out there it will be content.

Good content will get you more traffic because you will get more engagement (pins, shares etc) which will extend the reach of your content, getting you more traffic.

Content will help with list building.

As people will want more content and so will sign up to your list.

Your content will help with sales,

people will start to trust you more if your content gives them value and you will become an expert in their eyes. Because of the cool advice, you are giving.

If it’s your career that is giving you the trouble, think of ONE thing in your job that if you do it, it will make your life a hell of a lot easier and go ahead and do it.

check out a quick summary on the one thing here

#5 exercise

Do more exercise! Just 30 minutes at the gym can work wonders! Exercise releases the feel-good chemicals such as serotonin that makes feel happier and calmer.

You will find that with today’s lifestyle we are often sitting, whether it be at the office, or at home.

This lack of exercise can make you feel sluggish and unmotivated to do the simple tasks.

Download a step tracker and walk a lot more if you don’t fancy paying for a gym membership. Just 15-20 minutes of brisk walking can get rid of that sluggish feeling that has plagued you.

#6 downtime

I remember when I became obsessed with starting my own business,

especially when I was unemployed and I needed to make money fast.

I would often work 12 hour days and get nowhere!

It is important to schedule your time. And take time off for yourself.

Curl up with a paperback, watch the latest blockbuster, or just watch your favorite Netflix show.

Setting time through the day to have for yourself is essential. Downtime is important for your mental health.

#7 nutrition

Number seven on my list is nutrition.

Eating the right foods will you keep energized for the day ahead.

When your overwhelmed and stressed cooking may be the last thing on your mind and instead you may opt-in for the faster methods usually resulting in ready meals and junk food.

Yes, they are fast to make but the downside is that they make you feel sluggish and unmotivated. Eating the right foods each day will help you feel better both mentally and physically.

Make it a habit to prep your meals for the week. Create substitutions where you can, where you exchange unhealthier options for more healthier choices such as fruit and veg.

Final thoughts

the key to getting rid of overwhelm, is to set achievable goals so that you can prioritize and stay focused on the next objective.

For this, I highly recommend Goals on track. Online software which helps you stay focused and helps you create the right habits so that you stay on track. You can learn more here.

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Until next time Jason.

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