10 things I wish I knew when I started using the law of attraction.

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It was back in 2012 I when I knew that our thoughts created our reality. It was back in uni when I learned about the self-fulfilling prophecy, I didn’t pay much notice until I watched the secret.

That opened my eyes to the law of attraction.

But still a lot of people fail miserably, there are some truths to the law of attraction that the secret missed and in this post, I will go over ten of these tips.

So let’s get started with number one.

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Simply download, fill it in and read every morning, noon and night and make the law of attraction work for you!

  1. You need to use the second law ‘ the law of action’

The law of attraction works with another law, you need to understand it’s not the only law out there, in fact, there are loads from the law of rhythm to the law of gender. (but that’s another story)

To make the law of attraction or law of vibration work you need to use another law ‘ the law of action.’  

The law of action states that for you to achieve your goals you must take the relevant actions, you can’t be a millionaire by sitting on the couch, you have to take some kind of action.

Even if you want to try your luck at the lottery.

The law of attraction gives you the ideas, the plans, it’s your job to implement those plans. I talk about this in a previous post how I used the law of attraction and got success.

  1.  The power is in the subconscious mind.

It’s the subconscious mind that is the genie, the secret talks about how there is this grand genie and he says ‘ your wish is my command’  

and even when you wish for ‘ I don’t want to be poor anymore ‘ the universe keeps you poor it’s not the universe that keeps you poor.

it’s your subconscious mind.

It cannot process negatives, it can’t reject, it just accepts, stores and confirms.

Whatever you believe about yourself and the world gets stored in the subconscious mind, it filters realty so it confirms what you believe.

Your beliefs, shape your reality.

how to change your beliefs?

Honestly, the law of attraction Bootcamp is your best bet, you can see my review for it here. 

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Simply download, fill it in and read every morning, noon and night and make the law of attraction work for you!

  1. Everything starts from within

Everything you see before you started from within, the chair, the computer, the house, it all started from an idea in someone’s mind. They drew their ideas, created a plan and built. Everything starts from within.

The key is to use the law of attraction to get the right ideas, create the right circumstances so that plan becomes reality.  

  1. You have to feel it

Going back to my earlier point, the subconscious mind creates your life.

And its language is emotion.

Your emotion is your vibration. When you feel positive emotion you are on a positive vibration. It is from this that the right ideas start to flow, and life itself responds.

Gratitude is a powerful tool when using the law of attraction.

When you show appreciation your subconscious mind responds and presents to you more reasons to be grateful.

You get addicted to your emotions,

and when you get addicted to gratitude this becomes your default vibe, and from that, your desires become your reality.

  1. You cant want or wish it

You can’t need it or want it, you have to be in alignment to the frequency of the reality your desire is on.

When you wish for it or you’re wanting it. You’re confirming you don’t have it. You’re telling your subconscious mind you don’t have it, and look and behold you don’t have it.

You have to believe you have it already and be grateful,

see yourself having it, and like the genie, the most powerful computer on earth, your mind, will create the plans for you to succeed.

I also recommend the mirror method, if you want to go deep into the subconscious mind,

Joe Vitale from the secret goes into it,

you should learn a lot.

  1. You have to look for signs

In your mind, you have what is called a reticular activation system.

It looks out for things that you focus on. It is an innate goal achievement system, that has been designed for our survival,

back in the day, when we hungry, we used to focus on food, but there was no Walmart so instead we used to hunt for food, and our subconscious mind would look for pray.

Now your pray might be a bit different, instead of that delicious looking bunny rabbit you might want more money, a relationship, or be more healthy.

The reticular activating system will still get to work and find you everything that supports your goal.

Think back to the secret when Jack Canfield was focusing on making $100.000 his subconscious was getting to work formulating a plan.

And when the national enquirer came into focus it jumped out at him, that was the RAS at work!

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  1. You have to believe

You have to believe it’s yours. If you want a million, then believe you will make a million dollars.

You can’t think that be nice, I’ll think positively and it may come to me.

Because I know a lot of happy people,

and they don’t have millions in the bank. 

Truth is, you have to work, work, work.

You have to believe you can make a million in order to get that million-dollar idea,

You then need to take action.

Now they will be obstacles ahead but with faith and belief, you will get there. 

Believe in yourself and you can accomplish a great deal when you set your mind to it.

Again the law of attraction Bootcamp will help with this, you can see my thoughts here. 

  1. You have to like yourself

Yeah, you have to like yourself.

even love yourself and deserve your desires. If you don’t you will self sabotage yourself and give up.

You have got to like your desires. I know ‘obviously’ I hear you say, but so many people wish for more money,

but then associate money with corruption and that rich people are bad. They are only in it for themselves, that the rich make the poor even poorer.

If you believe this your subconscious will not allow you to become rich, you don’t want to be one of those people, do you?

You have got to love yourself and tell yourself that you deserve that lifestyle, that relationship the money because when you do become rich you can contribute more and make the world a better place.

  1. You got to like life now

Another important one is that you have got to be happy and content as you are.

Or at least believe that things will get better.

Believe it, feel it, and life will get better,

be grateful and appreciate life itself and when you do, life will continue to get better.

  1. Journal  

The final one is to journal.

Journal your success, your desires, your goals.

Journal every day on what you want your life to be like and what wins you had that day, draft plans, and goals on what you want to achieve.

Document what you will do to make that a success.

I have found that ideas start to flow when I journal. I find more ideas and action steps that I can take that will get me from where I am now to where I want to go.

So that is the ten things I wish I knew when I first started using the law of attraction. Be happy and be grateful and more importantly, believe.

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