10 steps to change your life in 30 days with the law of attraction

Stuck in a funk? 

Doing the same thing over and over and feeling just plain miserable?

Want to change your life and live a life that will give you fulfillment?

Below are the ten steps that you can do to have a brighter tomorrow.

Ready? Let’s begin. 

  1. Identify what you want to change 

The very first step in changing your life in 30 days is to identify what you want to change. Get clear of what not is working so that you can work on those areas.

To do this get a journal or a notepad and write down everything that is giving you unfulfillment and list why. You want to do this with every one of the things you want to change. 

Once you have done that, your on to step two 

  1. Identify what is that you want

Now underneath that. You want to write what is that you do want. Write down in every area what you are unhappy with what would make you happy and fulfilled. And then write down why.

You want to get clear on what kind of life you want to have. For example, if you are unhappy with your job.

Think of what kind of job would make you happy or what kind money making activity would make you more fulfilled such as starting a business or working from home and then list why this would make you happy. 

Done that? You’re onto step three. 

  1. Identify the feeling of what you want to experience

Now you need to tell your subconscious mind what kind of life you want.

Your subconscious runs 95% of your life and it actively guides and creates your life.

It influences your decisions, your choices, it can propel your forward or you hold you back depending on your beliefs systems. So you need to influence your subconscious mind with emotion.

The subconscious mind is the most sophisticated supercomputer on the planet and when you tell it what you want it will guide you to it using the reticular activation system.

Funny enough you actually start attracting more things that match your feelings within the subconscious mind. Napoleon Hill called this the law of auto-suggestion. Now it has a new name.  The law of attraction. 

Simply Identify the feelings that you would have if you already had your desire and then you’re onto step four. 

  1. Feel the feelings of having it now 

Number four is feeling the feelings of having it now. 

Feeling good is key.

You want to feel like you already have it. Even if the evidence is the contrary.

Because that evidence, that life you currently lead is all down the programming in the subconscious mind. Success and failure in life come down to the mind.

Successful people know they will get what they want with such certainty that they already feel like they already have it and from there the subconscious mind guides them on the road to success.

Match the feeling of having it now.

Start the programming and you will reap the results.

Programming the mind can very challenging, as it already has programs running that are contradicting the new programming. So there a few tools that help such as subliminal messaging, Hypnosis and brainwave shots.

You can actually get a free subliminal, hypnosis and brain wave shot by clicking the links above. This will actively reprogram your subconscious mind and keep you feeling more positive.

Once you have matched the feeling of having it now your on to step five. Goal setting. 

  1. Create your 30-day goals 

Your next step is to think of what can achieve in 30 days from now. Think of what results you can get in the next 30 days. You want to get in the habit of creating SMART goals. You have got to make them:

Specific: get specific on what is that you want to achieve.

Measurable:  Make sure you know when you have achieved your goal. For example, if your goal is to make more money, a much better goal would be I would make an extra $1000 a month.

This is both specific and measurable as you can clearly define when you have reached that goal. 

Attainable: make your goal reachable.

There is no point in setting a goal to be a billionaire in the next 12 months.

If you make your goal too difficult, you will not believe you will get it and you will take less action in trying to reach it because you will think, what’s the point?

Remember these goals have to be attainable in the next 30 days.

So for example, if my goal was to make $1000 a month. My goal would be- come up with a definite plan to make $1000 month. By following what is working for other people.   

Realistic: pretty much the same of what I was saying. 

Time-bound: you want to think of a goal that you can achieve in the next 30 days. 

Now on to step 6. 

  1. Chunk them down 

Now you have your 30-day goal, you want to chuck the goal down into weekly milestones and finally daily milestones. 

Break your monthly goal into four weekly steps.

So remember my big goal is to make $1000 a month.

My 30-day goal is to create a definite plan for making it. I’ve already decided I’m going to do this with a side income on the internet. So my weekly goals would go something like this 

Week one: find people who are making $1000 a month (read their blogs, watch their videos) 

Week two: find out how-how they make that income. 

Week three: build a plan on where I can replicate their steps

Week four: Finalise plan. (identify weekly and daily steps)

I would then focus on week one goal and think of seven daily goals that would help me reach the week one goal.

Once you have created your daily goals you’re onto step seven 

  1. Prioritize your tasks 

Now it is time to do your to-do list. Think of your next daily goal and think of what you need to do that day that will bring you closer to your goal. Ask your self

‘what can I do today to reach my goal?

What can I do in the next hour to reach my goal?

If your programming the mind.

Answers will come. 

  1. Take action each day

The planning stage is over. Now its time to take action. Believe you will make your goal your reality. Focus on the feeling of having it now.

Become detached from the details and just focus on the feeling of already acquired it.

This is essential as if you focus on all the little details this will lead in frustration that it’s not working!

Take action on the daily steps and prioritize what you need to be doing right now to change your life and surely enough with each little step you take, you will get closer and closer until you reach it. 

  1. Reflect 

The ninth step is to journal, Journal each day, write down your daily goal and your daily tasks and tick off when you have done, record your wins analyze what’s working and not.

And think of what you can do tomorrow.  Start the page with What can I do tomorrow that will bring me closer to my goal? 

Then write what comes to mind. Again reprogramming the subconscious is essential for success with this exercise. As guidance and inspiration will come.

  1. Don’t give up. 

Never give up. The only way to give up is to quit. If your unhappy with your life change it. Identify what you want to change. Identify how you want it changed.

Program what you want into the subconscious mind. Create smart goals.

Chunk them down into daily steps and Prioritize what you need to be doing right now to make tomorrow different and Journal your progress. 

And with Patience, Persistence, and faith you will get there. Believe! 

To help you with that, download my free manifesting worksheet.

This is how it works.

step one: you simply download it below and print it out

step two: you fill it in, Identify your goals

step three: you read every morning when you wake up and every evening as you are about to fall asleep.

step four: after 30 days, things start happening!

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