10 signs your manifestation is coming

The universe works in mysterious ways and when you align with the universe to attract your deepest desires into your reality the universe will start to give you signs that your desire is on its way. 

In this blog post I want to go over ten signs that your manifestation is coming. 

The first sign is that 

Life just flows 

When you go with the flow and trust in your gut that you will be guided to your desires then you give up all resistance to your desire. You don’t try to fight the current of life where you get frustrated that things are not going your way, instead you embrace life and its challenges while believing that you will eventually get the outcome that you want to achieve. 

As well as this you may find…

You are more positive  

A clear sign that your manifestation is coming is that you are a more positive person. You start to see life as a glass half full, you notice what is going right than what is going wrong. You wake up with a sense of purpose and direction as you tackle your day with ease. 

Acquiring this mindset can be tricky but it all comes down to having faith that everyone will work out in your favour.

You may also notice that….

You feel calm and confident 

As you start to be more positive and you start to go with the flow you may notice that you start to feel more calm, you start to surrender your desires and not try to force them into your life. When you get into a state where you are happy whether you have your desires or not then that is where the magic happens!

As you are giving up all resistance to your desire allowing you to align to your desire a lot more easier.

As you start to do this…..

You start to see more of what you want.

Another sign is that you will start to see more of what you want, weather it be songs that contain lyrics that describe what you want  to events and people that continue to uplift you…

All of these are signs that you are on the right frequency to your desire as you attract into your life circumstances that reflect your dominant mood. 

So if you notice you are having happier days that is a sure sign that your manifestation is coming your way. 

Of course you may also notice 


You may notice striking coincidences that help your desire come into your life, these could take many forms from attracting money into your life to hearing conversations about your desire, your RAS (reticular activation system) will identify more things in your surroundings to help you acquire your goal. 

Look out for these synchronicities and as you start to notice more of them the closer you will be your manifestation. 

You start to hear about your desire. 

As well as synchronicities taking place you might start to hear about your desire more such as hearing people talking about your desire as well as hearing songs that talk about your desire. These are all signs that your RAS is at play bringing to your attention more things that support you getting your desire. 

Because your reticular activating system is at play the subconscious mind will be working behind the scenes to make your desire a reality. 


Another sign that your manifestation is on its way is with dreams. Dreams are the subconscious mind’s way of communicating with you so if you find yourself dreaming about your desires a lot more often it means that your subconscious mind is in the process of attracting your desires to you, 

It is important to pay attention to dreams as often they can have signs and messages that will benign you closer to your goal. 

You start to see signs 

You may also start to notice other signs as well such as noticing pictures of your desire more often such as photos that you might see on social media or when browsing the web or you may stumble upon shows and films that show your desires all these are a sign that your RAS is bringing things associated with your desire to your attention and can be seen as a sign that your manifestation is coming. 

Your intuition 

Another sign is that you may feel like you just know your desires are coming. You may feel it deep down in your intuition. This is a clear sign from your subconscious mind that it is guiding you to your goal and all you need to do is trust the process. Often we can block our intuition by trying to get in our own way by trying to figure out how to reach the goal, and even though it is always good to have a plan it is important to sometimes quieten the mind and ask for guidance and often it will come.  

Your seeing manifesting numbers 

The final one is manifesting numbers. You may have heard but if you see certain numbers then it is a clear sign that your manifestation is on its way. Numbers such as 11:11 is a sign that your manifestation is coming. It has been said that one in numerology represents independence and an awakening of the subconscious mind and spirituality and it can be said that if you keep seeing these numbers such as 11:11 then your manifestation is on its way!

now if you are struggling to see some of these signs it might be worth using a few tools that will help you boost your manifesting abilities. For more information watch the video below.

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