10 law of attraction hacks that speed up the process

No one knows when you will begin to manifest your desires with the law of attraction. They just say to stay in alignment with your desire, keep believing and you will get there, 

But are there things that you can do that will well speed up the process?

Below I have ten law of attraction hacks that will speed up the process and allow you to manifest faster than ever before, let’s start with number one 

Get clear

It is important to get really specific about what it is that you want to manifest. You want to know every detail of what you want to manifest. If you want to manifest money, how much do you want to make, a new car? Which model, the more specific you are the more your subconscious mind has to go on to attract your desire into your life. 

Once you have got clear on what you want. 

Imagine it’s already yours 

Once you have got specific on what it is that you want the next step is to imagine it is already yours. 

It is done. 

This is what Neville Goddard called living in the end. Where you imagine that you already have the end result. You match the feelings of having it. You don’t worry when you will manifest it. You just imagine it is already yours. When you do this step right you start to give up any resistance to your desire. You are no longer waiting or wondering when it will show up. You just carry on as normal reminding yourself when you think of your desire, that’s it on its way. 

Count your blessings.

Another method of speeding up the manifesting process is to count your blessings, just be happy in the moment and be happy with what you have now. Do what makes you happy, and go have fun! The happier you are in the moment the more aligned you will be to everything that makes you happy including your desires. 

Make sure to keep a diary every evening and document what made you smile that day over time you will start to have a happier outlook. 

Meditate in the morning 

Another way you can speed up the process is by communicating with your subconscious mind in the morning through meditation. Meditation is just where you quieten your mind, start to observe your thoughts and achieve what I like to call the gap between thoughts, once you have done this you start to go into a deeper meditative state where your brain waves go into ‘theta’ mode it is here where you can start to imagine how you want life to be in every detail and it is here where it will be picked up by the subconscious mind where it will use its power to bring that desire to you. 

if you want to give meditation a try simple use this mediation track it will allow you to achieve a much deeper meditative state in just 12 minutes.

Subliminal messaging 

 On the topic of the subconscious mind, you can also use the power of subliminal messaging to communicate with the subconscious mind. Subliminal messaging works by having messages played (usually affirmations) that get played at a frequency that is beyond conscious hearing, however, the messages get picked up by the subconscious mind. 

Now the thing about the subconscious mind is that it can’t reject what it is being told, it leaves that to your conscious mind and so it just accepts. So if you have subliminal messages that say ‘ money comes to me easily and effortlessly’ your subconscious mind will start to think of ways to attract more money to you. 

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Read daily

Another method that I highly recommend is to read daily. Bob proctor states that each day he reads a bit of ‘ think and grow rich each day’ and he says that he wouldn’t be where he is today without that book. 

Continually reading about the law of attraction will remind you that you have complete control of your life and reality and by changing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs a new reality awaits. 

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Stay in the present

Often we can get bogged down with negative thoughts that keep us in a low vibration. In this state, it is often hard to manifest anything good and it just feels like it’s one thing after another. When you have a few minutes to yourself you will want to stop that negative mind chatter by just observing your thoughts and keeping focused on the present moment. When you stay present you release all negativity and once you again you will start to think more positively. 

Use props 

Props such as vision boards, checks, manifesting boxes and anything that helps you to remember to visualize and imagine what is that you want are great at speeding up your results. Because they allow you to stop and remind yourself of what you want, and to imagine what it’s like to have them. Just make sure for the best results to put your props somewhere where you will see them often. 


Another method that is great for speeding up results is to use hypnosis, hypnosis puts you in a deeper meditative state again getting you into that theta mode, where a trained hypnotherapist will begin to work on your beliefs and allow to imagine a bright new future, 

Now seeing one can get very expensive which is why I Recommend just picking up a few online 

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Learn from the pro’s

The final method is to learn from the pro’s out there/ There are a lot of digital products out there that will help you speed up your results when it comes to the law of attraction. Some courses cover a lot of different areas where some focus on boosting your manifesting power. 

The best course I have come across is manifesting magic 

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