10 goal slaying habits that will keep bloggers on track.

Habits define us,

They make successful bloggers, successful.

They make us who we are, success lies in the habits that we have,

whether it’s getting up in the morning that little bit earlier, to get the big stuff out of the way,

to spending just 20 minutes a day reading, learning and studying on how to build a more successful blog.

The right habits will make you a success.

Below are ten blogging habits that will keep on track to where you want to go. So that you can achieve more in life.

So let’s begin:

  1. Journaling

Number one on my list is to Journal.

Journaling helps you get your thoughts out on paper,

they allow you to reflect on what task you have been doing and help you plan for the days ahead.

Just dedicating a few minutes in the evening to reflect on your progress, will give you clarity on what you need to do next.

In my journal, I start off with reviewing what I have done, I then outline what I need to do tomorrow, I then mention my wins and things I am grateful for.

I find that when I do it this way not only am I clear on what my next objectives but it also keeps me motivated too.

There are a couple of ways you can go about journaling, you can buy one, they quite cheap from most stores, or you can use a digital one, such as Evernote,

I personally use goals on track as it keeps everything all in one place.

2. Meditate

This may seem a bit out of there, but meditation is great for quieting the mind, removing stress and worry. In my post about overwhelm I mention why meditation is so important.

You see meditation has been found to have numerous health benefits as well as reducing anxiety.

Meditation is also great for getting more clarity as well as concentration. When you make it your daily habit to meditate you will find you can stay focused longer and that you become more productive,

So how do you do it? The easiest way is to sit on a chair and just close your eyes and just focus on your breathing for around 15 minutes.

When you think of thoughts just bring your awareness back to the present moment.

It takes some practice but with a bit of patience and consistent effort, it will become a lot easier.

Headspace helps too it’s on your app store both android and IOS.

3. Gratitude

Having the right attitude is everything. Helen Keller said it best when she said

”No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit”

 and its true,

I used to have a very pessimistic attitude to life and it brought nothing but misery,

Gratitude, on the other hand, will instantly make you happier and more optimistic. Gratitude is all about appreciating the little things and appreciating what you have.

If you follow my posts on the law of attraction ( a philosophy that says that we create our reality with our thoughts) you will notice that I mention gratitude quite a lot.

Because quite simply when you start to appreciate life, you find more things to appreciate especially when you start being grateful for any wins. You can see my posts below

 Related: take my 30-day gratitude challenge to have more positive thoughts. 

4. Reading

4th on my list is reading, I’m sure you have heard of the expression that readers are leaders. This is often the case because when you read your learning and knowledge is power.

Just dedicating a few minutes a day well 20 on something that will help you achieve your goal will maximize your chances of success. Because you will be doing it consistently, daily.

In a week that’s 140 minutes a week reading, just over two hours. Youll be amazed at how many books you can go through in that amount of time and how much you can learn too.

What to do with that information?

5. Brainstorming

Yes, brainstorming, or mind mapping, for this I use a sketch pad, and a tonne of felt tip pens, why not its fun. I often put in the center how will I achieve this particular blogging goal?

for example, I may put ‘what content should I cover this month’.

Circle it and branch out and think of all the ways you can achieve your goal. Think of numerous topics.

e.g personal development, organizing, recipes, saving money.

And then expand by branching off them and think of ways you can do tasks to support that goal.

e.g write a post on saving groceries, being more productive at work etc.

I’m sure you get the idea.

You can even do it for tasks, put your goal in the center and think of any tasks that you can do and then branch out. Doing this way just make things crystal clear.

Especially for all you visual learners. With brainstorming. Be creative. You will be amazed at what ideas you will think of.

6. Thinking of the end result

Thinking daily of your end results keeps you motivated and productive. When you can see success and know what it feels like, it will give you the drive to make sure you stay on task.

There are other things that you can do be doing which I mention in my post – 4 ways to stay motivated to achieve your blogging goals.

Thinking of the end result on daily basis starts to influence your subconscious mind.

Once your subconscious mind knows what you want it will start to think of ways on how to get there.

Whether it be thinking of more creative ideas to using the law of attraction to start attracting the people and circumstances too.

7. Sleeping

I mentioned this on in my overwhelm post. Getting a good nights rest is essential so that you feel fresh for the day ahead so that you can have a productive day.

When you have had a good nights sleep (around 8 hours) you be able to stay focused and concentrate a lot better.

To get more sleep I recommend you have a schedule on when you should wind down from your work. And just use the evenings to have family time,

maybe do some light reading.

Apps can also help as well such as calm.

If you find you’re in bed worrying a lot, I find that if you write your worries down, and set some time in the morning to go through them and address them, then this will help you sleep a lot better.

8. Scheduling

Scheduling your tasks that you need to complete will make you insanely more productive. Because you will know what you need to be doing and when.

You can use this planner to help you. But you can also do it with any notepad or planner. Just break down the page if you’re using notepad but you) in one-hour slots.

Starting from the hour you wake up to the hour you go to bed or stop working and allocate your tasks.

Then go about the day completing your tasks, ticking off the ones that you have done.

It is satisfying when you get to the end of the day and see all the task that you have completed that bring you closer to your goal.

I recommend you do this daily. you can also use numerous planners such as the self-journal for this as you can easily block your day and schedule what you need to be doing.

9. Writing down your goals

Earlier in the month, I read a book called ‘ it works’  the little red book that makes your dreams come true.

Its such a tiny book about (30 pages) it is below if you want to read it.

 Read it works here

But the summery of the book is this:

Get a page ( I ripped a page out of a notebook)and write out your top ten goals. ( I usually write as a declaration) i.e I will make £1000 a month with my blog.

 And then read the goals morning, noon and night or once every few hours.

With this technique, you are using auto-suggestion and communicating with your subconscious mind what it is that you want.

People have seen massive success with this simple method of reading out your goals on a consistent basis.

This simple task will keep you focused on what you want to achieve and keep you motivated. Remember what you focus on expands.

10. Affirmations

The final one on my list is affirmations. Make it a habit to affirm that you can and that you will achieve your goals.

This will install self-belief that will make you more motivated than ever to achieve your goals.

Affirmations are statements that you say to your self, again and again, to condition your self to believe in what you saying is true.

Affirmations over time will start to become part of our identity. Which is why you have to be careful about what you say about your self. Once affirmations are accepted by the subconscious mind.

You will start to act according to what you say about yourself.

You will start to make decisions based on what you’re telling yourself which is why affirmations work so well.

The best way to do affirmations is when you think of something negative switch and declare to your self a positive statement.

For example, if you find yourself saying ‘I can’t ever get enough traffic to my blog ’. Replace it with. ‘ I do everything to the best of my ability and get it right all the time.

You become the words that you say to yourself and that is my ten goal slaying habits that will keep you on track.

Hoped you enjoyed reading.

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