Creation by Thought

I'd like to welcome you to my website, Creation by Thought, which is about a personal development journey I am undertaking and sharing with you in true Law of Attraction style!

creation by thought

I figured out how the law of attraction works, which is a lot like stacking dominoes.

When you stack dominoes next to each other and you knock over the first, the first knocks over the second and the second knocks the third until the domino at the other end knocks over.

Well, it's a bit like that. Looking at this logically, you can see that the first domino knocked over the last domino, just not directly.

This is metaphorically how our thoughts create our reality.

How Thought Creates Reality

Let's apply this to the Law of Attraction. Imagine the first domino is the first thought and the last domino is your desire.

You can see that without the other dominoes that are placed in the middle, the first domino can't knock over the last domino without the middle dominoes.

So if a single thought is the first domino and the last domino is the desire, what about the middle dominoes?

The middle dominoes are decisions and guided actions.

Mental Discipline

In order for a thought to create reality, you must be able to focus your attention on that thought and give it all the mental power you can.

This requires some measure of mental discipline that you can actually learn through repetition of action. The action is the very act of placing your full attention on the thought and maintaining it for as long as you can.

Action Begets Success

It is the process of taking action that causes things to happen that can result in the success you desire.

Taking action can mean different things to different people. What it means to me is getting up out of my chair and doing things that will have a knock-on effect that create opportunities that, when taken will being me closer to the success I desire, one step at a time.

The speed at which things happen usually correlate to the speed at which the action is, well, actioned!

Law of Attraction

Let's touch on the subject of the Law of Attraction here, before going into more depth in several articles published here.

I'll start be stating that everything is energy. Everything!

We are made up of atoms as is everything in the universe from the sparsely spread molecules of hydrogen in the vastness of space to the tightly compacted molecules of carbon that make up a beautiful diamond.

Now that's taken care of, the next thing I will state is that energy vibrates and that vibration can be measured as having any level of frequency or wavelength depending on the state of a particular mass of energy.

As we humans are blessed with a powerful energy wave creating organic machine in our heads (a brain), we are able to express energy in a number of different wavelengths depending on our emotional state coupled with the predominant thoughts that are occurring in our minds.

So where does the "attraction" part come in to the story?

Attraction and Vibration

Basically, there is an attractive force that exists everywhere that we have come to know as the Law of Attraction, where like energy is attracted to like energy.

More correctly put: energy vibrating on a certain frequency is attracted to energy vibrating on the same frequency.

Since we create energetic waveforms with our thoughts and emotions, those waveforms will attract similar waveforms wherever they may be in our little corner of the universe. In other words, like attracts like.

I'll explain that in more detail in a separate article, or we'll be here all day!

Suffice it to say, the frequency of energy created by our predominant thoughts and associated emotions attracts like energy to us. We literally attract what we are thinking and feeling!

If we're thinking happy thoughts and feeling happy, we naturally attract happy situations or people to us. If we're thinking and feeling the opposite, we attract unhappy or sad situations or people to us.

It works whether we know it or not, which makes this law one that can be manipulated to some extent by exerting some control over what we allow ourselves to think about most of the time.

More on that later. Join me for a journey of discovery and amazement as I delve into the possibilities associated with the Law of Attraction and how it can be used for our good, or ignored to allow circumstance govern our fate in life.

I know which of those options I chose!