Welcome to my blog – Subconscious Creation

Welcome to my blog – Subconscious Creation

The piercing sound woke me from my slumber. I turned over and a sense of dread and misery came over me. It was a start of  a brand new day. I swiped dismiss on my phone.

Butterflies and overwhelming anxiety came over me the thought of going to work and getting fired knowing by five my life would be shattered. At 2 the news came ‘ can you come to my office’  by half two I was walking home, no job and no hope.

I told everyone I knew my life was a mess, of cause by then nobody wanted to know with my negativity I pushed everyone away. I just got a coffee and sat there thinking and the weirdest thing happened to me.

A memory, from back in my uni days as an ambitious psychology student with hopes and dreams ahead. ‘ the thing about the self-fulfilling prophecy is that people tend to confirm what they believe’ i remember my lecturer saying.

Thoughts of people I cared about rushed into my mind ‘ your negativity has finally pushed me away’ I sat there for an hour connecting the dots. did my negativity cause my life to fall apart?

Google became my best friend I searched self-fulfilling prophecy’ something about a big secret kept propping up. I didn’t have any idea. Thank god for one blog commenter ‘ yeah I watched it on Netflix it’s good’ I couldn’t press sign up fast enough!

I sat in awe for 1 hour and 30 minutes of what I was being told.

I started changing my thoughts and feeling good, believing in the law of attraction. Suddenly I was getting job offers after being made recently unemployed. My relationships with people were transformed, I even found my purpose and started off to create the life I really wanted to have

But then the habitational negative thoughts occurred. I always doubted myself all throughout my life, With doubt, my circumstances were beginning to become worse, I was unemployed again. I used my reality to judge my feelings and life got worse and worse, my vision and my purpose seemed to be a lifetime away.

You see I was a real champion at it at first, but I didn’t work on my subconscious mind. So I had negative thought patterns and beliefs that was stopping me creating the life I want.

I read books, articles and watched videos on the subconscious mind and I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

It’s the subconscious mind that attracts everything into your life.

You see your subconscious mind controls your thoughts, ( you can do it consciously too but its hard to keep it up) your thoughts control your feelings and your feelings create your beliefs and your beliefs create your reality.

The subconscious mind controls and attracts everything into your experience. Your reality is a direct reflection of your subconscious beliefs.

You see when you feel what you want like you already have it, Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference if its real or not.

For example, Imagine your kitchen, walk over to your fridge and open it. Inside you see a jug of freshly squeezed lemonade with ice, you see the bubbles rising, you pick up the jug, you imagine it cold in your hands.

You pick up a stirrer on your kitchen counter and put it in the lemonade, you can hear the ice being swirled around and hear the lemonade fizz, your hands are starting to get cold as you feel the coldness of the jug.

You open your cupboard door and pick up a freshly washed glass, you pick up the jug of lemonade and pour some into the glass.

You see the glass filling up as the ice starts crashing into the glass the bubbles rising faster to the surface. You put the jug down and lift up the glass to your lip, you can smell the lemon scent and hear the lemonade fizz.

You start drinking the lemonade, it feels cold and refreshing.

Are you thirsty yet?

Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference, it genuinely believes you have lemonade. You felt and imagined it!

it is this feeling that communicates to the subconscious mind what is real. Your subconscious mind then sets your vibration that attracts those things on the same frequency!

But here is the problem

Your subconscious mind is already programmed since you were really young. You have deep subconscious beliefs that create your reality.

The secret talks about how when you first visualize what you want, you to start to feel energetic and start getting really good at it but if you subconsciously believe that it is difficult to do then it won’t show up.

when hearing about the law of attraction, people visualize and visualize for a couple of days and declare nothing has changed!

that is why when people first try the law of attraction it doesn’t work

there is always something in your reality to contradict what you’re trying to manifest!

remember it’s your subconscious thoughts and beliefs that create your reality!

Your subconscious thoughts are automatic they come in and reinforce your beliefs and your subconscious beliefs create’s your reality, then as a vicious circle, your reality reinforces your beliefs.

When you don’t change your subconscious mind you’re doomed to stay in a cycle of always getting the same stuff!

Trust me I learned about the law of attraction in 2013 and in 2018 I’m just waking up to the illusion.

On my may the 23rd I said to myself enough is enough! I can either stay negative or do something about it and so I got back into law of attraction and I realized it’s my subconscious mind I need to change.

And that it was I intend to do now. To change my subconscious thought patterns to manifest the life I want. The first step I started this blog.

I am going to blog about what I am doing to reprogram my subconscious mind to create the life I want and I want you to be apart of my journey.

I want you to read my posts, feel inspired to take action and to reprogramme your subconscious mind as well. Below is an email form where you can put in your email address so I can reach out to you to share my latest post. 

If you really want the law of attraction to work for you, subscribe below and together we will see what is truly possible.

Thank you for your time


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