You are about to transform your life with the power of scripting.

there is one thing that the succesful have done through out the ages. 

They have wrote down what they want with absolute conviction that it would come to pass. 

Napoleon Hill's  Think and Grow rich hinted at the secret and documented the instructions.

R H Jarrett’s 'it works' is based on the same idea!

write down what you want and read it three times daily.  

There is power in writing.

When you write you are connecting with that part of you that attracts everything into your life. 

Your subconscious mind. 

which is why scripting, 55x5 method, writing checks, work so well. 

But it can be hard to really believe in what you are writing, and without absolute conviction you won't manifest. 

Which is why I have my design your life template.

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Where you write down what you want, you script out your life plan like you are the director of your own movie. 

where you answer thought provoking questions that force you to belive with an unbreakable conviction that you will receive your desire. 

As well as that there are affirmations that you personally write that when repeated conditions your subconscious mind to your goal.

As well a visual aid template where you visualise your perfect life, giving the subconscious mind orders on what life you want to create. 

All you need to do is print out the template and fill it in in your own handwriting and read morning, noon and night to condition your subconscious mind. 

And you will start to be guided to create that life you have envisioned. 

But before you get stuck in and look into that email I have just sent you. 

I want to make you a small offer. 

I want to give you twelve more templates that follow the same formula, that allow you to identify what you want in any area and 

  • Script your desire making it effortless to manifest.
  • Create ten affirmations that build your self belief.
  • Answer thought provoking questions that put you on the frequency of your desire.
  • Utilise the power of gratitude to shatter resistance to your desire.
  • Use the power of vision aids to make it easy to imagine your perfect life.
  • A secret formula that uses the power of the spoken word to manifest your perfect life.
Right now I want to give you twelve templates that you to master every area of your life including:
  • Increasing wealth and prosperity.
  • Attract the perfect career.
  • Starting that dream business.
  • Finding your dream calling.
  • Attracting the perfect partner.
  • Keeping the relationship/ marriage strong and happy.
  • Attracting dream vacations.
  • Attracting the perfect body.
  • Attracting the dream house. 
  • Attracting more happiness.
  • increase productivity
  • goal setting template

Structure the life you want, by conditioning the subconscious mind for just a one time payment of:
manifesting templates.
All you need to do is print the templates, fill it in, read morning, noon and night and condition your subconscious mind for success.

Simply grab your templates below
manifesting templates.
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