LOA freebies

on this page are freebies that will help you with the law of attraction, they are free but will require you to subscribe to receive them. please note they are affiliate links, so should you purchase a product I will get a small commission. But I only recommend the best. 

2. clearing negativity from your life. A guide to using the H’oponopono method by Joe Vitale who you know from the secret. this method allows you to clear negativity from your life by saying four simple phrases to yourself. This method has been used in the past to heal past trauma.

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3. Awakening to abundance, unlocking your health, wealth and happiness. this motivational guide will give you the steps to live an abundant life. By showing you how to ‘wake up’ and become more conscious.

4. a free law of attraction toolkit by lawofattraction.com where you will find the missing pieces and learn how to use the law of attraction effectively, it comes in four parts.


5. the secret law of attraction by Katherine Hurst. Where you will discover how to master the law of attraction effectively in your life.



free quizzes

below are free quizzes you can do that will give you personalized readings for you. again You will be required to opt-in to get the results. and there are my affiliate link, as they offer you premium training as a subscriber.

  1. the 60-second law of attraction test, which shows you what is holding you back, I did the quiz and found the results quite informative.


2. the final one is a quiz by Bob Doyle showing you how to manifest your dreams faster.

freebies that don’t require you to subscribe.

below are free PDFs on books that help you with the law of attraction.

  1. the secret check – a visualization tool where you print out a blank check and write down the amount you want to manifest.

The Secret Check

2.  the science of getting rich by Wallace Wattles- the book that inspired Rhonda to create the secret film. you can download your copy below.

The Science of Getting Rich – Ebook

3. the master key system by Charles F Haanel, a best selling book at its time showing you how to master your thoughts and your life, A must read!

the master key system.

4. It works by RH Jarrett. a very short book showing you a very simple exercise where you can attract your desires to you.

It works! – the famous red book that makes dreams come true.