how to really attract more money, success and abundance.

want to know how to really be abundant, rich and wealthy?

I watched a really interesting film the other day it was called Moses code, it’s free on youtube.

and I found the best abundance quote that sums up how to really be rich.

the quote is,

‘ the best servants are the best-paid ones’

when I first heard it didn’t really make much sense until they explained it.

when you think of a servant, you think poverty, right?

The help, serving the rich.

surviving rather than living.

but when it comes down to it, a servant is just someone who serves.

they exchange their services for money.

and that is how money is exchanged,  you simply give money in exchange for a product or service.

but how do the rich servants get rich?

there are two things that make these servants wealthy.

  1.  they offer their services to the best of there ability by giving them the best possible experience with what they offer.
  2. offering their services to as many people as possible.

and that is it!

you may be asking what services can you give?

you need to ask, what can you give to the world?

your services don’t have to be hard work, for many people create products that serve people. for example, Amazon offers a wide range of Alexia products, that serve people, from answering there life’s question to playing their favorite song.

They don’t offer these products for free, nor just offer them to one person, they offer them to millions of people.

And as you know Amazon, make a lot of money.

So to really attract abundance, you need to think, what can you give the world and how can I offer it to as many people as possible.

Start jotting down ideas, on what value you can give to the world.

let’s give an example. imagine you are passionate about pet grooming, or making people feel confident by styling there hair.

let’s say you start opening a shop, what I mean by this is that you create a website, a facebook page and you travel to customer homes and offer these services. (it easier than getting a bank loan for a shop)

You then start making money, in fact, enough money to open your own shop and hiring employees.

You then run the shop offering your services, and it does so well,

That you open another shop and another and another until you create a chain of shops. offering your services to more people.

Making more money, being more abundant.

that is how big companies are built, from one tiny shop to a big empire of shops.

you can even offer consultations on your area of expertise, and offer your services on the internet, facebook, blogging

with today’s digital opportunities you can create products and services and potentially serve billions of people online.

and that is how to really attract wealth.

By offering products and services to the best of your ability and serving as many people as possible.

the second thing which I have found useful is actually using hypnosis mp3 tracks.

where you become subconsciously aligned to your desire.

when I used the law of attraction one I actually managed to manifest $233 in a week! 

Grab the free hypnosis and get in the servant mentality

I don’t mean to be everyone’s beck and call.

but think,

what can you give to the world?

To help you with that, download my free manifesting worksheet.

This is how it works.

step one: you simply download it below and print it out

step two: you fill it in, Identify your goals

step three: you read every morning when you wake up and every evening as you are about to fall asleep.

step four: after 30 days, things start happening!

don’t believe me, try it yourself below.

there is power in writing

Get your design your life template, print out, fill it in and read morning, noon and night and manifest your perfect life. 

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