Revealed: the true power of the law of attraction

Maximize your success with the worksheet with daily assignments that magnetizes your desires to you without trying to fake it to you make it. 

Hi Jason here from creation by thought. 

I just want to say thank you for picking up my manifesting worksheet. 

I just want to ask do you want to get results with the law of attraction twice as fast? 

As a special offer right now you can get my step by step system that allows you to effortlessly rewire your mind so that you can finally make the law of attraction work for you. 

How it works

Each day I will send you via email an assignment that will help you identify what you want and then reprogramme your mind in such a way that you start attracting all the things such as ideas, people and opportunities that will bring you closer to your goal. Just simply do these three steps...



Read the book that will show you how to awaken your inner power.




Get a daily assignment that allows you to make your goals a reality.




Take action and program your mind for success.

Each day you will receive a daily manifesting assignment that will help you attract every desire you want like a magnet.

Each step builds on from the last.

So that by the end you will have a daily routine that allows you to effortlessly use the law of attraction.

what you will get

Inner power

You will instantly get the full ebook in PDF format that details all the methods in a step by step format, which you can download and refer back to when you want a refresher on the methods.

Designed in such a way where you do this and do that. By the end, you will have daily steps that programs your mind for success. Allowing you to attract what you want into your life. 

But then I break the whole book down into daily assignments... 

to turn learning into doing and achieving...

As well as the book you will get a daily email for the next 8 days with an assignment each day...


each assignment builds on from the last so by the end you will have...

  • A dedicated life plan so that you have 'crystal clear' clarity what is that you want out of life.
  • Removed any negative blocks that may have held you back in the past.
  • Have total self-belief in your abilities to succeed with my super easy formula.
  • Happier days with my happy morning technique that starts your day right so you can continue to be alignment with what you want.
  • Implanted your desires onto your subconscious mind so that it can use its power to make your desire your reality.
  • Alignment with your desire as you will be using proven NLP techniques that raise your vibration so you can be happier in the moment.
  • Inspired action with my ancient technique where you will communicate with your successful self on how to get to where you want to go.

I will also be on hand to help you...


As a thank you for ordering the awaken your inner power ebook today,

you will also get unrestricted access to a mastermind group on facebook.

Dedicated to making you make your inner shifts that will make the big breakthroughs happen!

With direct access to me, I will be on hand to answer any question, making sure you get the results that you want.

You will get all the full book and the mastermind group Completely free of charge, when you take part in the manifesting challenge today, helping you take your results further.

What others say about my methods

-Darla Lee from famleeoffour.com says

This book is an awesome and an easy read. It is truly a page turner because each section gave me more insight into how I can quickly design my life. I love these kinds of books but this one was different. It actually walked me through the process and gave me ways to envision my goals. And you must read the section about silencing the inner critic!

Amy Mcguire who took the course says:

Yes thank you, Jason, I actually think I could feel the energy in my hands for the first time with awaken your inner power, thank you.

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awaken your inner power
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What’s more…

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I make a personal  guarantee that you will feel happier, you will be more in control of your life, you will feel awake with a new sense of energy, you will start to see opportunities that were once hidden from you, you will start to attract everything your hearts desire, once you apply  the simple exercises laid out,

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and let you keep you the ebook too as a thank you for trying out my methods.

the entire risk is on me!

all you need to do is invest in the ebook, try it out and get results, and this isn’t everything I say it is?

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There has never been a better time to take action and get the results that you want.

and your results lie in my awaken your inner power ebook

When you order awaken your inner power you will get access to the following:

  • you will get access to my build your life plan worksheet, where you will start to see the bigger picture and start creating the life of your dreams. worth $27.
  • As well as the self-belief formula to remove any limiting beliefs valued at $37.
  • You will also get the morning ritual worksheet so you can start the day happy, valued at $27.
  • As well as the turning imagination into reality worksheet. This is where the reprogramming really comes in as you use the power of the subconscious mind to attract the things that you want. this is valued at $47.
  • As well as this you get the subconscious hack maximizer which continues to add to the reprogramming you did the day before, this is valued at $27.
  • You will also get access to the abundant vibe mastery, showing you how to master your emotions once and for all, this is valued at $27.
  • You will also get access to the daily manifesting ritual, which brings it all together this is valued at $47.
  • As well as an added bonus worksheet you will also get the manifesting ritual that illuminates the path ahead, valued at $37.
  • You will also get the full ebook in digital format showing you all the steps valued at $27.
  • As well as a mastermind group to help cement the teachings, so you can get success with this method. valued at $197.

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awaken your inner power

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P.s you also get free access to any future editions, I am always testing and tweaking, and so when I create new chapters, I will instantly email them out to you.