Double the power of the manifesting worksheet with this...

Double the power of the manifesting worksheet with the secret morning ritual that forces the law of attraction to attract your desires to you in just 30 minutes per day!

RE: Manifest in just 30 minutes a day

In just a few minutes you're going to discover how to double the manifesting power of your worksheet, in fact...

Right here, right now...

I want to let you in on a startling secret on how I used one little blank notebook to manifest the following right here on this blog...

you see I'm Jason

The blogger behind

and I'm about to share the secret that will allow you to finally make the law of attraction work for you

It all starts from a meeting I had in my old job...

I was just sat there unable to say anything.

I thought I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime….

I thought I was going to make a killing selling insurance….

I thought I was going to receive more training…

As I just sat there facing the managers, the expressions were cold, uneasiness swept over me as I waited anxiously for what they would say next’

‘ Jason thanks for taking the time to apply for this  position but on this occasion, I am going to have to let you go’

I felt crushed and felt like all hope was lost…



You see I pinned everything on this job...

My relationship with my girlfriend was on the rocks….

My dreams of moving out of my parent's house, into a new apartment were gone…..

My dream of going on vacations and seeing the world vanished…

My life faced a rapid downward spiral

And finally, she said it

Your negativity pushed me away into the arms of someone else

I pushed her away...

I pushed my friends away...

my family...

job opportunities...

I felt cursed.

I fell into a deep depression

Unable to get out of bed.

I felt like someone upstairs had it in for me.

I told everyone I knew that my life was a mess...

that I was a victim.

I was in a coffee shop, and a past memory came flooding back...



You see I was an ambitious psychology student who wanted a degree to get more job opportunities.

My lecturer flashed into my mind

‘ the thing about the self-fulfilling prophecy is that people tend to confirm what they believe’

I sudden realization hit me.

Maybe my crushing failure was down to my thoughts and my beliefs that I had about myself and the world.

I confided in my friend who said what like that movie?

I asked

'what movie?'

he replied and told me where to watch it...

I did and for the next 90 minutes, I sat in awe as the film confirmed what I was thinking.



My life was a mess due to my negative thoughts.

My attitude changed in an instant.

For the first time in my life, I had hope that life would get better.

And surely enough it did!

I managed to attract new jobs, attract my ex back and I felt like life was finally getting back on track.

And then it happened...

I was fired….

My ex was gone…

I was back in square one

And I did everything the movie said.

I was being grateful, I looked at my vision board religiously but even though I manifested the things that I wanted.

My dream life was quickly taken away in an instant.

I asked, what happened that led me straight back to where I started?

I started to join discussion groups and they said that in order to master life and live a truly happy and prosperous life I needed to reprogramme my subconscious mind for those things.



I quickly discovered I had poverty programming installed...

where I was forced to be poor...

to self-sabotage any chance of success that I would have.

I knew I had to make changes and fast.

So my journey began

I studied the workings of the subconscious mind.

And so subconscious creation was born a blog where I would document my wins and techniques, I renamed this to creation by thought.

I decided on one simple experiment to attract 10,000 readers a month to my blog, on my first post I noted down the experiment.

And for the next few months,

I was in the trenches just me and my trusty journal.



And one day I did something different...

I starting writing what I wanted in such a way that I was instantly visualizing and feeling my new reality.

I didn’t stop until I wrote pages and pages, I couldn’t stop my self.

I just wrote down my entire life plan and I read it over and over.

Until I felt like I already had my 10,000 readers.

After that, I did one simple exercise, where I could easily identify what held me back.

and then...

I asked one question and it made all the difference.

After I answered this one question,

for the first time in my life I believed I would attract my new desire.

Asking this one question installed self-belief that made me feel I could accomplish anything.

I felt free and liberated that I could do anything.

After that, I put on my headphones and listened to one video it was just on youtube that put me in sync with my subconscious mind.

And from I gave my subconscious mind,

my wishing well...

new orders on how I wanted my life to be.

I commanded my subconscious mind to attract more readers to my blog.

And after that,

I used Neuro-linguistic programming techniques that would instantly elevate my mood taking me from misery and despair to a life filled with hope and abundance.

I felt like I didn’t even need my desires anymore.

I felt like I already had them.

And then something curious happened...

I was just there mediating and I started to become aware of what steps to take due to hacking into the zero point field completely by accident!

I felt unstoppable, inspiration and guidance came just out of the blue.

Ideas and people came started to flood into my life that would show me the way

And in just a few short weeks I got this...


I couldn’t believe it!

I managed to manifest my 10,000 readers a month!

It took me just 30 minutes a day to put me in alignment with my desire.

I started to break down my formula for success into an easy 30-minute ritual that you too can do in the morning.

That would put you in the receiving vibration, putting you in alignment with the things that you want.

I put all my easy to understand ritual in an Ebook that would highlight the steps to manifest a happier and more prosperous life.

I decided to share this formula with a few people.

And the feedback has been fantastic!

-Darla Lee from says

This book is an awesome and an easy read. It is truly a page turner because each section gave me more insight into how I can quickly design my life. I love these kinds of books but this one was different. It actually walked me through the process and gave me ways to envision my goals. And you must read the section about silencing the inner critic!

Amy Mcguire who took the course says:

Yes thank you, Jason, I actually think I could feel the energy in my hands for the first time with awaken your inner power, thank you.

And now I want to pass on what I have learned over to you so that in just 30 minutes a day you can begin to manifest your desires.

By following the same 11 steps that allowed me to awaken my inner power


Inner power

Inside you will discover...

  • In pg 14, you will discover the one crucial thing you must do to communicate with the subconscious mind on your desires. (most get this wrong and never see results)
  • In pg 18, you will learn one visualization tweak, that penetrates the subconscious mind, telling the grand genie, how exactly you want your life to be like, making it appear on the outside.
  • In pg 23, you will uncover how just two pieces of paper and a pen can reveal the crippling web, that keeps you trapped in your current reality.
  • Then in pg 25 I reveal how having just one conversation with yourself will allow you to free yourself from the suffocating web, shattering the cage of your current reality, allowing you to break free into the reality of your choosing.
  • In pg 35 I go over how you can listen to an unknown FREE recording, that allows you to directly access the subconscious mind, So you can give the inner genie, new orders on attracting everything you always wanted in your life.
  • Then in pg 33 I will show you how to supercharge your results with, one 20 minute exercise, that allows you to design your new reality from the ground up.
  • In pg 43 I reveal the crucial time on when to use powerful affirmations and why doing them in the morning and evening NEVER works.
  • In pg 47 you will discover how just making one hand gesture, will help you master your emotional state, raise your vibration and magnetize your desires to you, quicker than you thought possible.
  • In pg55 I go over an old mystical way of enlightening the path to your desire revealing the path ahead.

And that is a just few of what you will discover when you order the awaken your inner power ebook today!

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