5 law of attraction experiments to prove you create your reality.

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I hear a lot of people struggle with the fact that they can’t believe in the unseen. They can’t believe they have someone when they don’t. They don’t believe in attracting more money into their life if their bank balance tells a different story.

so how do you do it? How do you make the law of attraction work for you? Is it with unwavering faith? Trusting the universe?

I started to ask these questions my self,

I researched everything about how the mind and how reality works and I noticed it all came down to our subconscious mind.

as I began this research.

I came up with a startling realization on how our beliefs work and it turns out it’s with references.

References are evidence that supports what we have come to believe. For example, let’s say you believe you are bad at math.

You may have come to believe that due to past events that support that belief. The failed tests, getting answers wrong. All that evidence points to the fact that you can’t do math!

So how do references fit into making the law of attraction work for you?

Usually, when you want to manifest something, you want to manifest something that you truly want, the bigger bank balance, the relationship, the vacation, the car, a better life. Let’s face it, you want it badly. And when you can’t see it you get frustrated that you can’t see it.

You begin to lose faith that it is ever coming to you.

So how you restore the faith?

You need to start small and manifest the small stuff. Now you have probably heard this before, that it doesn’t matter if you attract a cup of coffee to a million dollars.

But even if size doesn’t matter to the universe at large, it matters to you. It’s easy getting a coffee, just walk into any coffee shop. but a million dollars, have you seen that kind of money before?

When you want something small like a cup of coffee, you really don’t care if you get it or not. You won’t want it badly, you’ll forget about it and go about your day, then you will attract it.

You see you are giving up the resistance of wanting the desire. You want to attract something that doesn’t matter if it comes to you or not. You just want to attract it to see for yourself that the law of attraction is real.

Now as a personal story. I was in the facebook groups and a person put, think of a blue elephant today and you will see it. Now I thought how is that going to happen?

So I just sent out the intention I am going to see a blue elephant and I just got on with my day. About 6 hours later I was at work and a colleague of mine drew an elephant and colored it in blue ink! I’m not lying I couldn’t believe it.

So I urge you to try these 5 laws of attraction experiments that work below and see the universe bend to your intention.

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This will put you on the right frequency of your desire.

On to the experiments!

you want to manifest the following…

– Your favorite brand of clothing

– Your favorite animal (can see it physically or be a drawing, toy, video etc)

– Pick a song you want to listen to

– A coupon for your favorite store

– A freebie

I’d start off with the favorite brand of clothing, make it your intention that you will look out for it and watch how suddenly everyone is wearing it!

Once you are seeing your brand, make it your intention to see your favorite animal, now this could come in any form a stuffed toy, an image, a video or you may see it physically. Just set your an intention to see that animal and you will start to see it.

Now you’re ready to build on your manifestation power and influence music! Simply pick a song you really like and make it your intention to listen to it.

Give your self a deadline at the end of the day. Make sure to listen to a radio or a playlist on shuffle and sooner or later you will hear that song.

Now you are starting to see a lot of evidence that the law of attraction truly does work in your favor. Now you want to think of your favorite store and make it an intention to get a coupon from the store. then forget about and go about your day.

Sooner or later you will start to get coupons. Remember to feel good at all times, remind yourself at any giving time what you have to be grateful for.

Once you have our coupons its now time to start attracting freebies! By now you will have a lot of evidence to support that the law does in fact exist and this will strengthen your belief that you can attract what you want in your life.

Now make it your intention to attract freebies. just feel like you already have it. and then let it go.

With these references, your belief in the law of attraction will be stronger, allowing you to manifest the bigger stuff!

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